Friday, August 22, 2014

The Closet

My faith in humanity has been renewed. There has been ice bucket videos that didn't make me want to put my fist through the computer. People were talking to their kids about ALS before they let them do the challenge so they understood the true purpose.

Then this happened.  It was beautiful.  It was brutal.  It was what this challenge is about.  

This video hopefully will help a person understand how this disease truly sucks. I hope (and pray) that this video makes people truly connect to the cause so they will support the cause for as long as it takes for a cure to be found.  Don't stop at 30 seconds or one check.

I also came across this video from Upworthy.  In this video she talks about living in a closet. She explains that her closet was being gay, but everyone has a closet and hers just happened to have rainbow colored walls.

Some can have a dark place that they hide and coming out of that dark place is hard. My closet was Huntington's and my last post was me coming out of the HD closet. It was scary.

I don't talk about it much, nor does my family.  I don't talk about it because I don't want to make people sad or uncomfortable.  It is a hard story to tell and who really wants to hear it?  How can you explain to someone that you live with a disease that replays over and over and over again like a bad horror movie with the bad guy always winning.  

Our family is lucky when it comes to HD.  My father was an only child and he inherited the HD gene from his mother. We were lucky that I had a dad.  The disease didn't take hold until he was in his 60's.  However, he had to watch his mother and son die from HD.  No one should ever see their child die. I've been to support groups where there will be a father and son next to each other in a wheelchair. I've meet families who have lost all their children and grandchildren. This shit makes you run to the closet, slam the door and lock it tight.

I am going to make a promise to myself that I will peek out of my closet once in awhile. When I do, it is comforting to know that I have friends and family that will be waiting patiently.

Open the closet.  Let a little light in. 

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