Saturday, August 02, 2014


I've missed you, my little blog.  There were a few times I deleted you.  I even started two new blogs, but didn't do anything further with them other than create an account.  Finally, I came back to you.  We've been together for too long and it was time to start writing again.

Thinking back on why I got rid of my blog in the first place, I figured it was because I was so mentally down because of my injury.  There was no running, cycling, and worse of all, no motivation.  I was a someone looking in from the outside and lost my sense of me.  It was tough.  Really tough.  For a long time, I gave up. 

After my pity party, I started up with a Functional Movement Specialist (best thing I ever did) and went back to the doctor for some tests. A MRI found a small hematoma.  What. The. Fuck.  But that wasn't the problem.  Herman (yes, I named my hematoma) would eventually re-absorb itself into the body (puke).  What the big debate was if my pain was due to the SI Joint or QL muscle.  Come to find out it is the QL muscle because my core is weak as a feeble kitten. After a lot of core work and learning the proper way to lift, move, etc., I am back to running. 

excited animated GIF

It has been a really slow and careful process -- and when I say slow...I mean...S L O W.  Several times I had to constantly remind myself that I've been out of the game for 9 months.  My base runs were anywhere from 20-30 minutes and moved up to 45.  Long runs were about an hour to 1.5 for a long time.  No speed work at all.  When I was able to run 10 miles and not be crippled the next day, I realized that I just might be able to do another marathon this season. Just needed to get some time on my feet and see how the back would hold up. So far, so good. 

Next week our marathon training begins and I am not going to lie that I am nervous.  My mileage will be going up and speed work will be introduced.  Shit.  It just got real. 


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