Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Injuries SUCK

It has been almost a year of battling a back injury.  Last December I did something really stupid and ran a 5k while having back pain. The whole run through the pain came back to bite me in the ass. Hard.

During my 70.3 training my back held up okay.  There were times that it bothered me, but nothing that would make me think I was seriously fucking things up.  After the race I took some much needed downtime to relax and enjoyed not eating, sleeping and obsessing about training.  It was glorious.  In August I took a trip to Los Angeles and all the wheels fell off.

I was running and training for the Marine Corp marathon.  Everything was going fine until that fateful plane ride. I am not sure if it was the plane ride, along with lugging my carry-on and laptop, but my shoulder and lower back just gave out.  I've never been in that much pain before.  It was bad.  To the point that I thought I would have to visit an Urgent Care in LA.  I didn't go to Urgent Care and got through the trip.

I gave my back a rest and tried running again.  Things were okay -- still had pain, but not while running.  At least I thought things were going okay.  Then my body gave me the big middle finger. My friend and I did a long run on a Thursday evening of 9 miles. The next morning I was crippled.  My back was killing me and I could barely get out of bed. Sitting down was a bitch. Made an appointment with an orthopedic doc to talk about how to get through the freaking marathon that was creeping up on me!  I was very stressed out about how the hell I was going to be able to physically run this marathon.  Long story short.  I had to bag the race.  My body was telling me loud and clear that there was a major problem.

So, what is the problem? S.I. joint injury due to lack of stabilization. What does that even mean? Basically I have no core strength and the joint was compensating for my wiggly jiggly core and finally said fuck you, I am not doing it anymore.

I've been through P/T.  I've worked with a Functional Movement Specialist.  I've been to a Massage Therapist. I've gone to a Chiropractor. I've spent more money on this damn injury than all my race entries combined.  All of these people have helped me. But I am mentally done with dealing with it.  I can't take the million of appointments and co-pays, etc.  At this point, I will just deal with it. 

I know I shouldn't give up.  And I haven't.  Completely.  I will get back to working with the all the wonderful people who specialize in this area, but my mental health and wallet need a break.

Isn't it funny how I would rather deal with the physical pain than the mental-pain-in-the-ass-stress of dealing with the pain.  I know that I am not a patient person.  I am not expecting miracles or quick recovery.  I guess I am just accepting that what is...is.

Hell, I don't know.

One thing for sure is that I haven't given up on running or being fit.  My back can suck it.