Sunday, February 24, 2013

How I almost got killed...not really, but felt like it.

Random thoughts.

The past couple weeks I was able to get a glimpse into other sports.  I've been running for so long that I've become accustom to the runners bubble.  We talk about speed work, tempo runs, long runs and what to wear, not to wear. This year, I am bouncing between the runners and triathlete bubble.  Triathletes talk about bike rpm's, cadence, swim strokes, saddle sores.  Last weekend, I had a conversation with a swimmer. What a fascinating breed. 

At the Tri open house, I met the swim coach for the local swim club.  We started chatting about their workouts.  What I heard made my jaw hit the floor. A warm up for them is 500 -800 yards.  Last year this would have be my ENTIRE workout. An typical workout is completing 4,000 yards.  This blew me away and I thought...that is insane! Then the conversation shifted to my running and that I do a 10-12 mile run every weekend and have ran a marathon. This blew them away. To them, this was insane.

All of us in our little bubbles.  In our comfort zone. This made me realize it is good to get out of the comfort zone and learn a bit more about the world of different sports.  I truly believe this makes us better athletes. Doesn't mean you have to stick with the sport, but experiencing it will give you an all new respect for your own.  Or.  You could find another sport you love. 

Running will always be my first love.  It must be love since it almost got me killed this weekend.  Let me explain. No.  There is too much.  Let me sum up. (anyone know that movie line?)

Saturday was a long run and we decided to run out by Green Lakes.  The first 3 miles are ALL UP HILL. It was brutal, but after that it isn't so horrible.  However, the weather was horrible.  It was that mix of rain, sleet and ice pellets.  This wintery mix made the roads very slippery.

As we reached the 9 mile mark we see a mini van take a corner way to fast.  Then it was like watching something out of an action film.  The van clipped a red car and took out the headlight.  When it hit that car is started spinning and SLAMMED into the truck behind the car.  Shit flew everywhere! Then the van started sliding...right towards Ben and I.  I started screaming at Ben to get the fuck out of the way because he was mesmerized by the scene.  We jumped to the side of the road and then the van took a turn towards our friend Shannon that was at the stop sign waiting to cross the road.  Thankfully the van came to a stop before it got anywhere near her.

Shannon runs to the mini van and asked everyone if they were okay.  The couple said "yes, we are okay."   At that point Shannon hears crying in the back.  She asked them "do you have a child in the car?"  And they said "yes."  Shannon opened the side door and calmed the poor little boy down -- he was seven.  The parents NEVER SAID A WORD! To the child or to Shannon.  They didn't ask if he was okay or attempted to calm him down.  Not. A. Word.  It was the most fucked up thing.

The guy in the truck was SO lucky. He had cuts all over his face from the glass, but seemed okay.  We waited till the ambulance and police showed up, gave our names and had 2 more miles to get back to our cars.  We needed to hurry because we all about pooped our pants!

It is crazy out there people.  And we need to be a little crazy to keep doing what we do.

Monday, February 04, 2013

Ah, the suffering

I am entering training week #6 and things are going really well.  It is painful, but the scary thing is I am kinda of digging it.  It is the Shades of Grey of triathlon training.  I don't want to get spanked, but secretly I look forward to it.

Last week was brutal, but as Helene tells me "it doesn't get easier, you just get used to suffering longer."  And that little bit of advice really helped.  I like that she tells you like it is and you can get your mind in the right place. None of will get better.  No it won't. It shouldn't! Does it suck it isn't going to get easier? Sure. However, as the workouts are getting harder and harder and I am able to get through them. Plus, I am really making progress. 

Last week was "speed" week and it damn near killed me.  Speed work in the pool is a hell that one must experience themselves.  I would rather run an hour tempo than speed work in the pool.  Tuesday was 50 yards on the minute.  The faster you swim it the more time you have to recover.  Like you can recover from an exploding heart.  I had to repeat this TWENTY MOTHEREFFING TIMES.  It was the hardest workout I have ever done.  I was breathing out my nose so hard that I got a nose bleed.  Yep. That is gross.

Just when I thought Tuesday was tough, I met Helene on Thursday for our workout.  I am considering buying her some horns to wear when we meet because by the end of our workout, I swear she is Satan's mistress.  This lovely workout consisted of  TEN - 25 yard sprints on the 30.  Faster you swim, the longer you have to rest.  Whoever came up with this concept is an asshole.  THEN...TEN - 50 yard repeats on the minute.  Just when you think you are done, nope, there are FOUR - 75 yards on the 1:30.  I was spanked so hard that I still have hand marks on my ass cheeks.

The only way I got through Thursday's workout was I was under pressure to keep up with the other two people sharing the lane.  One is my friend, Stacey who is wicked fast.  My whole goal is to TRY to stay as close to her as possible, but on Thursday we had company.  A young pup who clearly was on the swim team judging by his six pack abs and hair like Fabio. He was like a freaking fish in the water -- smooth and just glided along like he didn't have a care in the word. We couldn't even keep up with his easy pace! But we got it done.  I was never so happy to get out of the water.

I am still keeping up with my running.  Only a couple days a week and have a few races coming up that will be here before I know it!  4-mile Shamrock run on March 9th.  The hills on this course is a ball buster.  Then I am running the Syracuse Half on March 24th.  Hopefully the weather will not be shitty.  But knowing my luck it will be!

Anyway.  With all this work, I better be in the best freaking shape of my life!!!