Thursday, April 04, 2013

Great Friends!

I have awesome friends who are hilarious and make my day better.  I am in a total freaking panic about the Syracuse 70.3 bike course -- PANIC, I tell you.  Have never rode the course and my day is coming...soon.  Below is an email from a friend that made me laugh out loud -- I couldn't do this shit without them.

From a friend explaining the bike course:

The elevation - yeah -

When the group rides have happened in the past, they kinda start off at a nice clip out of the park. Then everybody almost turns right to head east. The young light whippersnappers get up the steep hill out of Jamesville pretty quickly. I usually stop at the gas station first and grab a couple beers.

Then that road levels out sort of, then you get to the right turn to go up Sweet Road. The young whippersnappers climb that quickly. I open the second beer.

Sometime later that week, I make it to the top of Sweet road. Everyone has waited. We stop and chat, and then pedal on. I am refreshed, having just had the third beer, and a hoagie.

The hill down heading south is fun, then a long flat stretch and a left turn on to 80. People wait there again. I haven't had time for another beer. dang. The road heading left (80) that rolls on for a bit, until just towards the end, where everyone rides down the Gigantic hill o' fun, followed immediately by the giant hill o' woe. Fourth beer.

After climbing that, we ride on for a bit, turn right to head towards DeRuyter lake. rolling and pretty easy. We stop at the bottom of DeRuyter lake, where there is the little store where people stop and chat. Some folks buy water. me? hmmmmm...

Then the road turns south, and that goes on for a long bit. Rolling but easy. i throw beer cans at road signs, cows, and Amish. They love that.

Then the road turns west somewhere. I am usually confused at this point (beer), but very happy. I start playing too much with the streamers on my handlebars. They are very aero, but fun. they scare the dogs. at least, they look like they should.

Then, near truxton, the third stop. No wait. Fourth stop. The group has doubled in size. No wait: that's the beer.

We ride north on rolling hilly roads, fun and easy.

belching, it turns out, is pretty aero.

We ride past Labrador hollow - some uphills there, but then get to another nice stretch an finally to the bottom of a long nice easy hill (at least a mile, maybe three), right before the course meets up with Apulia. it's great down hill. Everyone meets there again. I share my beer with everybody. I am now everybody's best friend ever.

We ride up apulia, and then get back to the park.


Big Daddy Diesel said...

HAAA!!!! I am nervous about my "A race" bike course and I will not be able to ride it before hand, but if I had friends like yours that send awesome emails about the course, it would calm my nerves.

That email was awesome!!

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