Sunday, March 03, 2013

Tipp Hill 2013

Yesterday was the Shamrock 4-Mile race around Tipperary Hill in Syracuse.  This race has grown by leaps and bounds over the years! The first year we ran it there were only about 200-300 people.  Five years later this race brought in 3,000 runner/walkers. It has become one of the most popular local races because of the fun atmosphere, challenging course and the parties during and afterwards!

I love running a race where the locals are hooting and hollering for runners while chugging a beer. And the local bands on the route are fantastic and even the neighbors turn on the car stereo to get the music blasting.  You also get to see all sorts of characters and one always stands out from the crowd.  Like this guy:

The temps yesterday were in the 20's and this guy ran the race in this.  Why?  I am not sure? But he definitely was the talk of the race.  This. I don't get.  Why?  Did he lose a bet?  Holy shit balls ( or no balls) he had to have been freezing.

Although I love this race it is getting more and more frustrating to actually race it and is becoming more of a fun run.  It is getting so crowded and people who are clueless to running line up in the 8 m/m corral. Makes me NUTS.  We crossed the timing mat and sure enough .25 mile in we are passing WALKERS! This makes me have race rage. Walkers who line up with runners make it extremely difficult to maneuver around and is dangerous in a crowd of 3,000 on a narrow course.  One of these days I would love to ask a person why they decided to line up where they did?  Not to be mean, but to understand the thought process.

The start was a little rough, but overall I felt pretty damn good.  Mile 3 is the worst with the 'grinder' hill and I managed to keep my pace at 9:30. The last mile I was able to get my pace under 9! Wooo hooo!  Finished in 37.46.  Not to shabby.

My friend, Shannon, her husband won his age group with a time of 24:39.  What the.......... In my head I can even imagine running that fast!!! The race was won with a time of  20:45.  INSANE!

It was a great race and a great time.


T said...

I hope his embarrassment kept him warm. WTF. That's too weird.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

OHHHHHH MYYYYYY!!! I think he just emotionally scarred me for life!!