Monday, January 07, 2013

I am only in my 2nd week of training and good GOD!!!  I really must like getting my ass kicked.

It is cool to get a weekly schedule of workouts custom to me and one-on-one sessions once a week.  My coach, Helene is awesome, but she doesn't mess around. Last Thursday we met at the pool and she had me do 12 - 100 yrd repeats. Now. I haven't been in the water for at LEAST 2.5 months therefore, I wanted to vomit. Multiple times.  However, at one point I did want to drown the sonofbitch in the next lane!

The guy next to me was making tsunami type waves and the timing was perfect. I was like a bass gasping for air when the wave hit me right in the face. Half the pool went down my gullet. Next thing I was spluttering, spurting and PISSED.  Mainly because I had to start over!! I wanted to grab him by the chest hair and drag him down the lane.

As bad as that workout was, today...TODAY...was brutal.  30- 25 yrd repeats every 45 seconds.Faster you go, the more rest you have, but the more rest you need. I am so grateful to have a friend that is willing to do these workouts with me.  She likes pain.  She is weird.  Stacey did the math and I kept the time.  Six minutes into the workout I wanted to take a break at 10.   We didn't.  We kept going. Did all 30. When we got out of the pool we were sweating! That was after a cool-down.

What other torture will be coming my way.  And I PAY for it too.  Sick.

Thursday.  Pray for me.  I am meeting Helene for a bike workout.  Might need a wheelchair on Friday.

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