Saturday, January 05, 2013

Holy shit. This morning I was wondering if I have ever written a year in review post.  I came close with this one from last year, but looking back on my posts I discovered a startling fact.  I started my blog SEVEN years ago.  Say whaaaaaaaa?  Is that a record?  What is the average life span of a blog?

It was like finding old pictures and sitting down to go through them.  Occasionally I would come across a post and think to myself, GOD I was such an asshole or how stupid, embarrassing, etc. There were a few posts that brought back a flood of memories -- some good and bad, such as the loss of our dogs. But what struck me the most is that I have kept at it for seven years.  I've never stuck with something for that long, except for my marriage.

CLEARLY, I don't keep my blog going because I want to make money at it. Nor do I keep my blog to gain an audience of adoring fans and faithful readers (hello, my faithful few).  I don't write poetic or thought provoking posts and I don't want to. I have kept up my blog for so long because it is a record of me. Like pictures, yet, not nearly has horrifying.

I don't give a shit how I write.  My many misspellings, abuse of grammar and switching back and forth from tenses is proof.  What I think is so cool, is like photos, I can go back and cringe at a few, laugh and remember.  Better yet, years from now when my nephews are grown and I am gone, they may be something to find out about their aunt. This little blog will give them an idea of how I lived with snippets of my life, accomplishments, failures and heartbreak. To leave a digital footprint, however corny.  It is my way of leaving a little part of me behind. This makes me happy. 

Here is to the next seven years.


T said...

Cheers! To many more years.

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