Monday, December 31, 2012

Peppermint Patty

Happy to report that I am able to run again.  All the bitching I do about running, I really do miss it when it is taken away.  But I am recovering.  Slowly.  I am not at the distance I was hoping to be at, but at least it is something.  After missing our annual Christmas Eve run with friends, I got pissed and went out on Christmas morning. 

Started out easy at around 11 m/m and it wasn't horrible. Wasn't comfortable either. After a mile the lower back started to get tighter and tighter.  It felt like I had a Boa Constrictor coiled around my back. It didn't hurt -- it just felt uncomfortably tight.  At each mile I would do a stretch to get the muscles to release a bit and was able to run 3 miles.  Yippeeeeeee

When I got home I did a yoga routine to help stretch the back out.  It was a lot of this:

Followed by this:

The back is getting better everyday, but it is so slow going and extremely frustrating.  I've been working my miles up, but haven't been able to get past 4.5 miles.  Can't join my buddies on our weekly long runs and I miss it.  I miss hanging with my friends, bitching about the route and dreading the hills.   

*sigh*  I will get there.  Eventually.

In other news, I bought a new bike!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  She is so pretty and light and wonderful and still not paid for. 

Say hello to my new friend --  SQUEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Carbon Felt Zw5.  I think I am going to call her Patty because the color is mint and she is so sweet.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Tick Tock

It had been 14 days since I've put on my sneakers.  Sunday, I felt comfortable enough to try a VERY short run to see how the back injury would hold up.

First let me say that injuries suck and this one is kicking my ass.  All I hear in my head is "tick tock tick tock" of the clock.  Five days till I get my first email with my training for the week.  Leave it to me to start this thing with an injury! But I still have time. 

I started out at a very ginger pace, my back was tight, but not painful.  NOTHING like when I ran the 5K.  Which, by the way, I am still kicking myself for such a stupid decision to run.  Anyway, after a mile, I had to stop and stretch the back and looking like an idiot.  Only did 2 miles, but I was happy with it.  Afterwards my back seemed no worse.  I was hoping this was a sign I was almost recovered.

Every year we have a tradition of meeting friends on Christmas Eve morning for a run and then we head out to breakfast.  This year was the only year I couldn't make the run.  When I got up to get ready my back was hurting. Not a lot. At first I thought I would meet them halfway and run 3 instead of 6. Then it hit me.  This type of decision is what got me in injured in the first place. This decision, although right, caused a different type of pain. 

Today is Christmas and I am hoping for a Christmas miracle.  Going to head out to try again. Not long. Just 3 miles.  It would be the best Christmas present EVER.

Wishing all a very Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Week of Hell

This week has been complete and utter hell.  I didn't realize just how much running the 5k  screwed up my back until Monday.  When I went to work and could barely walk to the office.  My lower back was tighter than a sixteen year old virgin (if they exist).  After a few hours of sitting in my office chair I knew it was time to call the doctor.

Thankfully the doc was able to see me in the afternoon. I hobbled in the office and the doc asks "is this injury work related?"  My response was, "No, it is idiot related."   After explaining what happened the look on her face pretty much said she agreed with me. She wrote me a script for muscle relaxers and sent me on my way.

Went home to toss down two pills. After a few hours I felt the muscles in my back start to relax and felt so much better.  But it was very short lived.  Tuesday went to work and it was a bitch.  But I was really hoping that it would start to get better!!! You know the whole give it one more day deal.

Wednesday morning headed into work and my back was REALLY bothering me, but there was something else added to the mix.  Coughing.  Out of nowhere this cough started. Each time I coughed, my back would seize up.  Lovely.  I threw in the towel after lunch and asked my co-worker had to walk me to my car because I couldn't even carry my purse.

Thursday and Friday were spent bed bound. Back started to get better, but the cold started to get worse.  Each cough and sneeze felt like my lower vertebrae was going to explode.  FML.

I haven't been sick in FOUR years and this sonofabitch is just holding on.  Back is still sore, but at least I can walk without pain.  BONUS. 

I will take another week off of running or any type of workout because I HAVE to get healthy ASAP!! Coach already told me that on January 1st will be my first official workout and training will begin.


Sunday, December 09, 2012


Hello. My name is Bridget and I am an idiot. 

Last week I was changing the water for the water cooler and tweaked my lower back. Freaking water bottles. Apparently I was sleeping during the instructions about lifting with your legs and not your back. Back wasn't bad, but I could tell I poked the bees nest.

Friday night a friend and I drove an hour to Seneca Falls to pick up our race packets for the Its A Wonderful Life 5k on Saturday night.  We did a little shopping and ate at the best damn diner on the planet.  This place makes the best hush puppies I have ever had.  My back was acting up, but again, nothing that would cause me to think running a 5k would be a problem.

Saturday morning I tried to get out bed and holy hell my back was killing me.  Hurt to get up, walking was somewhat painful.  It wasn't good.  I didn't want to bag out on the run because there was about 12 of us going to do the race and go to dinner afterwards.  Thought, okay, wait till you get there and decided if you will run.

Get to the race and decided to run.  Not hard, just what my back will allow me to do.  The husband was NOT happy about this decision. However, I thought if we go slow and I could walk if I needed to.  We start out at 10 m/m and the back was hurting.  REALLY hurting, but I am in it now and this is a small town race with 3,000 runners.  I was in the stream of runners with no way of getting out.  Decided to keep going.  It was the inclines that damn near brought me to my knees.  Amazingly enough I kept a 9:30 pace.  Shitty part is I felt great other than the hot iron poker that was being jammed in my lower back.

Crossed the finish line at around 30 minutes and change.  Woot!!  Downfall is I cannot bend over. At all. As soon as I finished I knew that I screwed up.  Should never had ran.  But I didn't know just how bad it was going to get.

We waited around for the age group awards.  Shannon's husband, Loren took 2nd overall female.  Did you catch that?  Yep.  They put him down as a female.  We all had a good laugh!  We didn't think of checking his bib when we picked it up. Our bad. This isn't the only time this has happened to him.  I guess his is the fastest chick in Chittenango.

Bill and I got home around 9 p.m. to find that Percy and Pirate must have had a scuffle. Pirate has a small wound on the side of his neck and Percy had faint blood smears all of his back! WTF!!!  He was okay, but we can't figure out what the hell happened!  My guess is that Pirate got Percy down on the ground and Percy got him with his nails.  Freaking dogs.

I take two Aleve and hit the sack.  Around 1 a.m. I had to go to the bathroom and could NOT get out of bed.  It hurt so bad.  Got my feet on the floor, but couldn't stand up. Manged to stand up, but could barely walk to the bathroom.  The pain was so bad that I damn near passed out.  It was that bad.  So bad that for a minute there I thought we were going to be making a trip to Urgent Care.

That was how the rest of the night went.  In the morning, I am able to get up and shuffle around.  Back is still hurting, but not nearly as bad as last night and the husband has been hired to serve as my service monkey for the day.

I swear to never, ever to do something so stupid again.

Sunday, December 02, 2012

Trying Not To Be Hater

Decided to change up the look of the blog.  I love how Blogger has created so many options that allow you to play around with the template design.  The header picture is of our beautiful greyhound angel, Maggie.  We just bought the chair and she climbed right up to take a nice long nap.  I miss her so much.  She had the softest fur and sweetest personality.

During my run yesterday I started thinking about "bucket list" runners and how I don't understand them. Let me clarify the type of "bucket list" runner.  This is a person who doesn't run on a regular basis.  Hasn't run a 5k or 10k or half before, but decides that this is the year to run a marathon. This person trains and puts the hours in to getting ready for race day.  Months of work.  Day of the race comes and they complete it to make a great big check mark next to marathon and proceeds to go back to the couch.

Why?  Why put all that work into training and gaining all the fitness to just give it up? I don't understand. At least running half marathons would keep up the fitness or just keep running, but not longer distances.

I get that when something is so horrible that you decide no way in hell will I ever do a marathon again.  Well.  When you don't work up to it, then yeah, it is going to suck.  But I worked way to damn hard to give up my fitness.

What really makes me nuts or to be honest, extremely angry jealous is when a bucket list runner finishes a marathon in a time that I have been trying to get for YEARS.  OR!! OR!!! Qualifies for Boston. First time. Ever. Never ran.  BQ. Bam.

*kicking and screaming on the floor--- nonononononoooo*

Okay. I really have to stop being a hater.  But it is sooooooooo hard.