Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Ride is about to begin

Time is going by so fast and soon I will start "officially" training for the Syracuse 70.3.  Training start date is the first week in January.  Five weeks.  Holy shit. 

I am excited and nervous to start with a coach.  Excited because I am confident she will take me where I need to go and get me ready.  Nervous because I am not used to being the center of attention.  All my  coaching experiences have been in large groups.  Easy to hide.  Not be noticed.  Cheat.  There is no more hiding. 

I am afraid of failure.  Disappointment in myself.  Disappointing the coach.  Being a pain in the ass.  Afraid of letting my crutch go of hiding behind other people. It is comfortable there.  I blend.  I am more comfortable helping others than other helping me.  Afraid of pushing hard and it not being good enough.  It is that magical line in my brain that I have to reach to make it good enough.  I am not good enough.  I just want it to be enough.

Each week I will be held accountable for my actions. Each week I will be one-on-one with my coach.  It is like piano lessons all over again.  If you don't practice the teacher will know.  And it up to me to do the work. I know this.  It is my responsibility. But I make excuses.  I rationalize.  Procrastinate.  Then beat myself up because I know better. 

I know better.

This training is not just about getting me ready for the 70.3.  If I do the work, I will be fine.  I WILL complete the course.  I need to break bad training habits. Finding a way to get the work done. Being excited about it. 

The training to me is more important than the event. 

Can I do it?  Can I break these habits? This question scares the shit out of me.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Don't know a lot, but know somethings

Do I know much about running?  "Eh, a little.  I've been running for 20 + years. Jesus. That freaks me out writing that I've been running for 20 years?!  When did I get old. 

My freshman year in high school a friend talked me into trying out for the cross country team.  It was all for show because they would take any warm body.  My coach for my first two years was BRUTAL.  His workouts were sadistic, such as, hill repeats in a cow pasture on a hill the cows wouldn't even go up or down.  My junior year my family moved and I went to a different high school. Joined the cross country team and the coach had a more laid back approach to coaching. Also ran track in high school.  After high school I would keep up my running periodically but it wasn't anything consistent until my husband and I moved to Syracuse in '98. 

When we moved to Syracuse I went into a bit of a depression.  I've never been away from my family.  I had no job.  Didn't know anyone.  So. I ate. And ate. And ate some more.  Gained a lot of weight.  The only thing that I knew was running.  It is what works for me to keeping my weight in check.  I often joke that I run to support my eating habits.

What really started me back into serious running and when I say serious, I mean, focused, planned out training, was a few friends who decided to train for a 5k.  I trained with them.  We moved to training for a 10k.  Then a half marathon.  Then a full marathon.  This year I've completed marathon #4 -- one a year. Mentally I can't take more than one!

Why am I spewing all of this?  Although I am open to different training techniques, I have a couple strong opinions about training. The essentials to becoming a stronger, faster and meaner runner is rest, speed work and hills. 

What some disagree with is rest or what so many runners forget is that rest is what makes you stronger. Now. I am not saying to take a whole week off between workouts!  But incorporating rest into a training plan will bring huge benefits. Don't believe me? Fine.  I don't care. Keep running yourself into the ground.

As for speed and hills.  Doing these workouts suck. Are horrible. Soul crushing at times, but are an important piece of the runner puzzle. Mentally they make you tougher too. Do it. When I hear people say..."but when I do these it will increase my chances of injury."  Getting in your CAR increases your chances of injury! Every time you put your sneakers on, increases your chances of injury.  Here is the secret...ready? 

Don't do too much...too soon.  Have a base.  And start to incorporate. You will get faster.  You will get stronger.

There you go.  You can mail checks to....

Thursday, November 01, 2012



A few weeks ago I ran in a marathon relay.  Although I hate relays in a marathon, I did it anyway.  I have no balls when it comes to saying no to my friends. Relays suck because when you are running 26.2 miles and someone blows by you fresh as a daisy because they are only running 6 or 7 miles you want to tackle them, rip off their number and shove it up their ass. That is why I chose to be the first leg!

We found out that the relay teams are timed at the end! What the hell.  This meant I had to line up with the fast mo fo's! Like the sub 3 marathoners.  I stayed as far to the right as possible and tried not to get trampled! As the race started I got swept up in to a really fast pace -- at least for me -- 8:50!! I thought okay, try it and see how long you could last. It lasted 7 miles! At the end of the 7 miles I was dying!!!!! I was holding up the wrist band waving it in the air for Loren to see me so I could be DONE.

Loren was our ringer.  He is wicked fast -- like 6:30 miles fast.  Then he passed off to my husband who isn't too shabby either.  He kept around 7:15/7:30 and he had the hardest part of the course.  All the hills.  And does it make me a bad wife that I didn't tell him?  When he finished he was like what the fuc* was up with those hills.  Whoops.

Shannon finished the relay at a kick ass pace and our team came in...drum roll please...10th out of 64 teams!!! Say whaaaaaaaaa??????????? 

Have I run since then? Ummmmmmmmm.......not much.

I've also hired a coach. Yep.  Starting in January she will start to kick my ass in shape for the Syracuse 70.3 triathlon in June. I chose her because of her background in cycling.  She is a kick ass cyclist and if I am going to make it through this course I am going to need all the help I can get.  Even the pro's complain about how hard the bike course is for christsakes!!!  Why?! WHY!?!


Oh. And I hired a nutritionist. I've not been feeling great lately and I am hoping a change in diet will help.  One recommendation was to eliminate wheat and go gluten free.  I would say I am 90% gluten free and have noticed improvement. Yay.  But she does want me to do a 10 day detox diet. Boo.

No sugar. No caffeine. No alcohol.  What does this mean.  I might hurt someone.

When does it start?  Monday.

Yeah.  Wait for those blog posts.