Friday, September 21, 2012

Ah hell

In 3 weeks will be marathon #4 in the books.  Hopefully.  This hasn't been the best training year for me.  Running hasn't been very consistent until about a month ago.  Yeah, I know.  Cutting it close.  I can go into the "whoa is me, no motivation" speech or "life is so busy" crap, but really it is the plain simple truth is this -- I am lazy.  There.  At least I am self aware enough to know that my natural tendency is to be a lazy slug and 50 percent of the time I can fight the inner slug.  Since I know this I have to find more strategies to keep me from being lazy.

Here is one.

I signed up to for the Syracuse 70.3 Half Ironman on June 23rd..  Yeah. It was stupid and honestly, I am freaking out a little. No. I am freaking out A LOT.  I can almost guarantee that since I  plunked down the dough that this WILL be the worst winter on record.  It probably won't stop snowing until June.  I am looking at a winter of hell on a bike trainer. Which bring me to the fact that the longest ride I've ever done has been 30 miles and that was LAST spring.  So. Now, the smartass that I am thinks I can do 56 miles on a course that is quote "challenging."  Say it with me. SHIT.

Well. At least I will have some material to put in my blog.

BTW - it has been a super shitty month.  Yesterday we had put down another one of our greyhounds, Sophie.  She had bone cancer.  This makes two in a month and three in less than a year. I've been self medicating with fried food and red wine. 

We will miss you sweet girl.