Saturday, July 14, 2012

Hello. It has been awhile.

Long overdue race reports. 

Runapalooza 5k

This was a new 5K at Onondaga Community College. It was 2 loops around the campus. Not a hard course and the two loops didn't bother me.  The sun and heat bothered me.  It was the worst 5k time I've had in awhile.  BUT.  I have a good excuse.  Before the race was a 17 mile ride with the Tri training group.  The bike course was NOT flat.  Seriously. There is nothing flat out that way.  We did the 13 curves, which was downhill on the way out and beautiful.  On the way back going up, I wanted to kick the beauty in the face.

Boilermaker 15k

I cannot get out of this race! My friend, Shannon, always finds a way for me to get in on this race and this year was no exception. She found me a bib. DAMNIT.

We got back from a week visiting family (that is another post) on Friday and the race was Sunday.  It was so motherfucking hot in Ohio that I only ran twice.  It was in the 70's at 7 a.m.!!! Not to mention that I ate like crap the entire week.  I knew this was going to be a survival run.

The Boilermaker is 14,000 people squished and squeezed together for 9.3 miles.  The first 4 miles is elbow to elbow before it opens up a little so you can at least not feel like someone is crawling up your ass. We were keeping a nice steady pace and around 7 miles it started to get tough.  No shade. Bright sunshine.  HOT.  During the last .5 mile I was so tuned in my own hell I didn't notice Shannon trying to talk to me to get her through her mental breakdown. We crossed at 1:31.  Feel good about that.

Bus ride back to our cars.  Didn't feel good about that.  It smelled like a herd of cattle that rolled in something very bad.

Henderson Harbor Sprint Tri (600 m swim/15.5 bike/4 mile run)

Small and cheap ($45) local Tri up in Henderson Harbor, about an hour ride from my house. 

I was nervous.  REAL nervous because my training has taken a beating (so has this blog) because of everything else going on in my life.  Haven't been putting the training.  It was to the point I was so close to bagging the race.  Then I put my big girl pants on and did it anyway.  Figured I would just relax, and do it.

Swim: Surprised myself.  Felt awesome and felt like I did pretty well.  13 minutes for 600.  Not to shabby. But more than that it was how I felt.  I was relaxed, comfortable and felt strong.  The water was amazing -- clear and cool.  Getting smacked and fondled throughout didn't freak me out.  The guy kicking me in the face because he was doing the frog kicks kind of sucked, but overall, great swim.

Bike: Two words: Sucked ass.  Bike is my weakest event.  Totally got my ass handed to me out there.  At one point I started singing this song out loud:

Run: It was hot and my left calf was threatening to seize up on me.  But I was really careful to keep a nice slow pace until it decided not to be so pissed at me.  Around the half mile mark we were on speaking terms again.  There were a few hills in the 4 mile course that were tough.  Kept my pace steady and consistent to get me across the finish line in less than 40 minutes.

This was an awesome, VERY low key, small race.  I would definitely do it again next year.

Next race: Iron Girl in 3 weeks.

Hopefully, I will get my ass back on track with training and writing in this blog!