Saturday, February 25, 2012

Finally! Race Decisions!

Is it May, yet?   Spring semester is always a crazy ass time for me at work and it gradually ramps up in craziness until the end of April.  Semester ends May 5th and campus becomes a ghost town. Just in time for summer training to start.

I've finally made some decisions on what races I am doing this year. It was hard to decide due to vacations, but after much stress and freaking out it has come down to this:

July 14th will be Henderson Harbor - The race is the weekend after we get back from visiting the family in Ohio. Next race will be August 5th for the Iron Girl and to finish the Tri season on Sept. 1st with the Skinnyman  And yes.  I am running a marathon this year too. The Mohawk Hudson River Marathon on October 7th.

Holy shit.  This is the most races I've ever done in one season.  Gulp.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

How I almost drowned and got a PR

Okay, I didn't almost drowned. Not even close, but I like to be dramatic.
First, the PR, which I believe lead to aforementioned not-so-much-drowning.  Did I really just use the word aforementioned? How scholarly of me.  ANYWAY. I managed to get a PR in a 5k this past Sunday.  How I pulled this out of my ass I have no freaking clue.  None. 

Here is a recap of last weekend's workout:
  • Saturday - 10 miles with a few lung busting hills. 
  • Sunday - 7 a.m. cycle class. It was a ball buster. 40 minutes of intense intervals. 
  • Sunday - 11 a.m. Super Couch Potato 5k at 11 a.m. At one point I was seriously thinking of bagging the race.  I was tired and my quads were sore from the beating in the morning and on Saturday.  Started the race and I don't know what the hell came over me, but I raced it.  Time: 25:54.  What the........
The last time I was under 26 was 4 years ago. Can someone explain to me how this happened?

Here is what led up to Tuesday's disaster in the pool.  Hard workouts on the weekend with not nearly enough water to support hydration lost.  Hello. Stupid.

Tuesday I teach my yoga class at 6 p.m., and then get my ass over to Le Moyne pool by 7:15.  Now. I've had no water, zip, nada, none since lunch and even then is was one glass. I am awful at getting enough water -- something I really have to work on.

Near the end of the swim workout the group was practicing wave starts. On the third one, I felt the cramp coming on and was powerless to stop the onslaught.  You know that moment when you realize there is nothing you can do.  The muscle on the side of my calf twists like an Anaconda on an deer.

Thankfully I wasn't in the deep end or else I would have been SCREWED. I start yelling because the pain is so intense.  People surround me and get me to the side of the pool.  I am still yelling and start to cry because it hurts SO bad.  The coach and a lifeguard haul me out of the pool and there you see it.  My calf looks like it is about ready to give birth to an alien. Finally, I feel the muscle untwist, but I am so scared that it is going to cramp again.  At this point I am whimpering, repeating over and over and over again -- relax.  At some point while I was in the water a very sweet woman from the group held my hand and didn't let go.  I was squeezing the shit out of her fingers. 

I get up.  Embarrassed as ALL hell and near tears because I felt like a wimp that I limp towards to the locker room.  All I wanted to do was go home. Practiced continued and I slunk out of the pool area. 

PLEASE do not ever let this happen in a race!!!!!!!!

Saturday, February 04, 2012

Gerbil Girl

My days are currently being filled with student appointments, giving seminars and answering questions like this --"What tense do I use for my resume?  If I am currently doing something do I use present or past tense?"

*deep sigh*

After having a mini rant in the office about why this was a question, I felt the desperate need to go to the gym and focus on something other than work.

Working at a University has perks and one is that I can go to any of the three gyms on campus. One is a smaller gym on the outskirts of campus, but only a block from my building.  Great for when I want to use the treadmill because it isn't as packed as the main gym.  However, I needed to use the main gym because it has the bike I needed for my workout; Lance Armstrong -- very cool. 

I changed into my gym clothes and realized that I had left my gym shoes at home.  All I had were my clip shoes. Shit. I can't walk across campus in my clip shoes! But I really wanted to workout. What to do? I tell you what I did. I put my heels back on.  Yep. Sweatpants, white socks and black heels.  It was quite a look. I wasn't too worried about being noticed.  And I wasn't.  Thank you oblivious college students.

At the gym are two Armstrong bikes. One of the bikes has been broken for a few weeks.  Last week I got stuck using the broken bike.  The handlebars adjustment was broken and was set so far forward that I was practically laying on the bike. It sucked. When I got to the gym, I was screwed again.  A girl was on the good bike. Here is what chapped my ass. It was CLEAR she didn't know what the hell she was doing and was just spinning her tiny little  20-something legs like crazy. She looked like a gerbil on crack.

As she is spinning away, I started to adjust the second bike.  Grab the bars and they are soaking wet. SO GROSS. The person before me didn't wipe the bike down.  After throwing up a little in my mouth I wiped the bike down.  Good news was the bike was fixed and I could adjust the seat and the bars. Bad news is that the lever to adjust the seat was sticking out on the side.  It wouldn't close flush under the seat like it should. This made for a VERY uncomfortable ride. The lever is jamming into my thigh and after several minutes of fucking with it, I gave up. I got off, wiped the bike down and headed back to the office, while Gerbil girl was still whirling away.