Saturday, January 21, 2012

This again?

Been playing around with the blog and changed the description to include triathlons since I will most likely be talking a lot about the subject.  Especially since I am going to be REALLY involved in the local triathlon club.  Kind of turns out that starting next month I am going to be the President.  Huh? Who would have figured?!

Husband and I are trying to figure out a spring half to do.  There is one, Skunk Cabbage, but I am nervous to sign-up for it from what people tell me about it.  Not that it is hard, but that the rule of no ipods is strictly enforced. To the point that if you are seen wearing one they will actually take your bib! Like defile and embarrassed your sorry wearing ipod ass right there on the course.  Listen.  I don't need any extra humiliation. My pace does it for me.

The season of the great ipod debate is upon us (AGAIN). I wonder how many blog posts are about this very subject?  Million?  And here is million and one.

It begins at the Skunk Cabbage with their flogging of anyone who dares run 13.1 to Eminem or *gasp* Bieber.  Does anyone run to a Bieber song?  If you do.  Better keep it to yourself.  Really.  Keep it to yourself.  Then we have the Mountain Goat training runs that will start in March.  Last year there was a lot of hoopla about running with ipods.  If you were seen wearing one you were asked by fellow runners to take it off.  I am using the word 'asked' loosely here. If you have been running for awhile you know the fanatics I am talking about -- yep, those bastards.

*Standing up with arms raised to the heavens*


I wear an ipod. Why? Because I don't want to be alone with my thoughts.  I hate my thoughts. I do everything in my power NOT to think about things and having music makes sure I am not thinking.  As for the listening to the sound of my own body. No thanks. I get enough grunts and heavy breathing from my husband. Music helps me get through a 10-12-18-20 mile run. Through the hills. And sometimes. Shuts the negative voice out.

I am not an elite. I am the back-of-the-packer that you will never seen until the beer line.  Give me something. My ipod.

I do understand why people get all pissy about ipod wearers.  It is the same as road rage.  When you see someone doing something stupid you want to punch them.  Normal.  But you wouldn't ban people from driving? You yell, raise a select finger and call them every name in the book and move on.

Instead we should spread the word of Courtesy Rules When Wearing an iPod:

1:  Have only one ear bud in.
2:  Keep the music on a level that doesn't make your ear bleed.
3:  Keep the music on a level that runners next to you, behind you and in front of you can't hear what song you are listening to. 


Sunday, January 15, 2012

Is it just me or does anyone else avoid the treadmill at all cost? Can't stand it and so much so that I went for a long run (not really all that long) in freeze-your-nose-hair cold. Yep. Froze my tah tah's off, but it was a hell of a lot better than the treadmill.

It was an okay run after a few miles and my face was so numb that I couldn't feel anything. But I didn't freeze my ass off alone. I had my friend Shannon and Kris with me. They are my fellow idiots. We planned on 10 and decided on 6.5. Running on the snow/ice covered trail was kicking our asses. I forgot how much energy it takes to run on that shit. Felt like the Tin Man afterwards.

Tomorrow I am going to get my butt on the trainer for about 45-60 minutes. I am excited to get on my bike because I had aero bars put on them last weekend! I've had aero bar envy for a long time and now I have my own. Makes me feel like a real cyclist!

Have you seen Pimp My Ride? I want to do that with my bike. Make it look badass intimidating?! Maybe a skull screwed to the top of the aero bars? Like a hood ornament! That would take away my real cyclist title, but how COOL would it be!

Now. To find a skull....

Thursday, January 12, 2012

How does this happen?

I am better. Not angry, but sad.

We are struggling with the decision on when enough is enough for John. He doesn't appear to be in pain, but he is having a really hard time getting around. He is putting barely any weight on his left front leg and his back end is swaying like a drunken sailor. His spirit is there, but his body is shutting down.

Playing God, sucks.

Then my friend and running buddy called me yesterday. Her healthy greyhound dropped dead suddenly. He was fine and boom...gone. He ate dinner, they put him out in his kennel and after he peed he went to the kennel door to come back inside. Shannon said he just fell to the ground. He was gone. They vet thinks he died from a blood clot.

What is worse? Losing them suddenly or making the decision of letting them go?

Regardless. It hurts. Give me running 26.2 miles any day. That is easier than this shit.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I am pissed.

Pissed that it takes months to prepare for a race and get into shape and only weeks for all the fitness to go down the toilet.

Pissed that our greyhound, John is not doing well and we are out of options.

Pissed that for sixth time I will have to put a dog down.

Pissed that I am going to miss him so much.

Pissed that I love him so much.

Pissed that people are douchebags and feel they don't have to be accountable.

Pissed that my fitness has taken such a nose dive due to me being a lazy asshole.

Pissed that yoga is not an aerobic exercise.

Pissed that I have no will power, drive, intiative to get my ass out running more than once a week.

Pissed at everyone posting motivational running quotes making me feel even worse.

Pissed that those quotes don't motivate me.

Pissed that I can't come up with a motivational quote!

Pissed that no one sends me free shit to test so I can blog about it.

Pissed that I can't think of jackshit to write.

Just. Pissed.

Monday, January 02, 2012

The other day I found a journal I kept when training for my first triathlon in 2006. At the time I wanted to keep record of the training and managed to get a whopping FOUR entries.


Obviously this means I suck as bad at keeping a journal as I do keeping up with my blog.

Out of the four entries there was something that I wrote that had me realize how far I have come since '06: "Swim class was good - still a bitch though. I am looking forward to the time I can do 2 laps non-stop"

WTF! This week I went to the pool and my warm-up was 8 laps. This makes me happy. Very happy.

This year I haven't figured out what intermediate race I am doing, but I do have the sprint figured out. And I feel like a hypocrite since I bitched out it. Yep. I am doing the Iron Girl again this year. Even though the course has it out for me, I am still doing it. Why? Because it is right in my backyard and I can measure improvement (or suckage).

I have a bee in my bonnet about the bike and really want to work on getting to be a better cyclist. Seriously. I suck. I didn't even know where the "big" gear was till this week! Cycling was never my thing. Running is my thing. But I am going to make it my thing. Actually, I am going to make it my bitch.