Sunday, December 16, 2012

Week of Hell

This week has been complete and utter hell.  I didn't realize just how much running the 5k  screwed up my back until Monday.  When I went to work and could barely walk to the office.  My lower back was tighter than a sixteen year old virgin (if they exist).  After a few hours of sitting in my office chair I knew it was time to call the doctor.

Thankfully the doc was able to see me in the afternoon. I hobbled in the office and the doc asks "is this injury work related?"  My response was, "No, it is idiot related."   After explaining what happened the look on her face pretty much said she agreed with me. She wrote me a script for muscle relaxers and sent me on my way.

Went home to toss down two pills. After a few hours I felt the muscles in my back start to relax and felt so much better.  But it was very short lived.  Tuesday went to work and it was a bitch.  But I was really hoping that it would start to get better!!! You know the whole give it one more day deal.

Wednesday morning headed into work and my back was REALLY bothering me, but there was something else added to the mix.  Coughing.  Out of nowhere this cough started. Each time I coughed, my back would seize up.  Lovely.  I threw in the towel after lunch and asked my co-worker had to walk me to my car because I couldn't even carry my purse.

Thursday and Friday were spent bed bound. Back started to get better, but the cold started to get worse.  Each cough and sneeze felt like my lower vertebrae was going to explode.  FML.

I haven't been sick in FOUR years and this sonofabitch is just holding on.  Back is still sore, but at least I can walk without pain.  BONUS. 

I will take another week off of running or any type of workout because I HAVE to get healthy ASAP!! Coach already told me that on January 1st will be my first official workout and training will begin.


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