Sunday, December 02, 2012

Trying Not To Be Hater

Decided to change up the look of the blog.  I love how Blogger has created so many options that allow you to play around with the template design.  The header picture is of our beautiful greyhound angel, Maggie.  We just bought the chair and she climbed right up to take a nice long nap.  I miss her so much.  She had the softest fur and sweetest personality.

During my run yesterday I started thinking about "bucket list" runners and how I don't understand them. Let me clarify the type of "bucket list" runner.  This is a person who doesn't run on a regular basis.  Hasn't run a 5k or 10k or half before, but decides that this is the year to run a marathon. This person trains and puts the hours in to getting ready for race day.  Months of work.  Day of the race comes and they complete it to make a great big check mark next to marathon and proceeds to go back to the couch.

Why?  Why put all that work into training and gaining all the fitness to just give it up? I don't understand. At least running half marathons would keep up the fitness or just keep running, but not longer distances.

I get that when something is so horrible that you decide no way in hell will I ever do a marathon again.  Well.  When you don't work up to it, then yeah, it is going to suck.  But I worked way to damn hard to give up my fitness.

What really makes me nuts or to be honest, extremely angry jealous is when a bucket list runner finishes a marathon in a time that I have been trying to get for YEARS.  OR!! OR!!! Qualifies for Boston. First time. Ever. Never ran.  BQ. Bam.

*kicking and screaming on the floor--- nonononononoooo*

Okay. I really have to stop being a hater.  But it is sooooooooo hard.

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