Monday, December 31, 2012

Peppermint Patty

Happy to report that I am able to run again.  All the bitching I do about running, I really do miss it when it is taken away.  But I am recovering.  Slowly.  I am not at the distance I was hoping to be at, but at least it is something.  After missing our annual Christmas Eve run with friends, I got pissed and went out on Christmas morning. 

Started out easy at around 11 m/m and it wasn't horrible. Wasn't comfortable either. After a mile the lower back started to get tighter and tighter.  It felt like I had a Boa Constrictor coiled around my back. It didn't hurt -- it just felt uncomfortably tight.  At each mile I would do a stretch to get the muscles to release a bit and was able to run 3 miles.  Yippeeeeeee

When I got home I did a yoga routine to help stretch the back out.  It was a lot of this:

Followed by this:

The back is getting better everyday, but it is so slow going and extremely frustrating.  I've been working my miles up, but haven't been able to get past 4.5 miles.  Can't join my buddies on our weekly long runs and I miss it.  I miss hanging with my friends, bitching about the route and dreading the hills.   

*sigh*  I will get there.  Eventually.

In other news, I bought a new bike!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  She is so pretty and light and wonderful and still not paid for. 

Say hello to my new friend --  SQUEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Carbon Felt Zw5.  I think I am going to call her Patty because the color is mint and she is so sweet.

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