Thursday, November 01, 2012



A few weeks ago I ran in a marathon relay.  Although I hate relays in a marathon, I did it anyway.  I have no balls when it comes to saying no to my friends. Relays suck because when you are running 26.2 miles and someone blows by you fresh as a daisy because they are only running 6 or 7 miles you want to tackle them, rip off their number and shove it up their ass. That is why I chose to be the first leg!

We found out that the relay teams are timed at the end! What the hell.  This meant I had to line up with the fast mo fo's! Like the sub 3 marathoners.  I stayed as far to the right as possible and tried not to get trampled! As the race started I got swept up in to a really fast pace -- at least for me -- 8:50!! I thought okay, try it and see how long you could last. It lasted 7 miles! At the end of the 7 miles I was dying!!!!! I was holding up the wrist band waving it in the air for Loren to see me so I could be DONE.

Loren was our ringer.  He is wicked fast -- like 6:30 miles fast.  Then he passed off to my husband who isn't too shabby either.  He kept around 7:15/7:30 and he had the hardest part of the course.  All the hills.  And does it make me a bad wife that I didn't tell him?  When he finished he was like what the fuc* was up with those hills.  Whoops.

Shannon finished the relay at a kick ass pace and our team came in...drum roll please...10th out of 64 teams!!! Say whaaaaaaaaa??????????? 

Have I run since then? Ummmmmmmmm.......not much.

I've also hired a coach. Yep.  Starting in January she will start to kick my ass in shape for the Syracuse 70.3 triathlon in June. I chose her because of her background in cycling.  She is a kick ass cyclist and if I am going to make it through this course I am going to need all the help I can get.  Even the pro's complain about how hard the bike course is for christsakes!!!  Why?! WHY!?!


Oh. And I hired a nutritionist. I've not been feeling great lately and I am hoping a change in diet will help.  One recommendation was to eliminate wheat and go gluten free.  I would say I am 90% gluten free and have noticed improvement. Yay.  But she does want me to do a 10 day detox diet. Boo.

No sugar. No caffeine. No alcohol.  What does this mean.  I might hurt someone.

When does it start?  Monday.

Yeah.  Wait for those blog posts.

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