Saturday, August 11, 2012

I've been running because fear is an awesome motivator! A few weeks ago I looked at the calendar and realized that the marathon I am running is only a few months away.  That scared the beejeezus out me! I haven't ran longer than 10 and that was WEEKS ago. It was time to get my ASS in gear.

You would think that the tri training would help.  Normally it would if a person was doing tri training. See a theme here?

Life has gotten in the way.  Doesn't it always.

Last weekend the plan was to run 15 miles.  The reality is that I ran 12 miles.  The humidity was horrendous. It took a toll.  So much so, that when we reached our secret (not really) water stop (cooler hidden in the bushes) we called to have Loren come pick us up.  The thought of running the 3 miles to get in the park was too much.  We refused to suffer any longer.

When I got back to the park, another friend had finished her run of 21 miles -- bitch -- and was sitting on the curb looking very upset.  It wasn't because she felt bad that she had crushed us once again in mileage and speed, but that she dropped her car key along the way.  Her purse was in the car with her cell phone.

Along the way, as I was focusing on my feet and not the hill we were running up and noticed a car key laying on the side of the road.  I'd even made a comment out loud about it to Shannon and Tommy.  Can you freaking believe that was her key!  Talk about being lucky!!!!

This morning was a scheduled 20 miler.  I was feeling pretty good until mile 13. By mile 15 all I wanted to do was cry.  Told Shannon I didn't have it in me and we got in 18. 

It has got to get better.  If it doesn't then I am screwed.

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T said...

I felt like I could have written this until you got to the part where you actually started busting out double-digit runs. Then I knew that I didn't write it, because I'm still trapped in my Lazy.