Friday, March 16, 2012

Getting There

I am getting better.

I am not apologizing for my pace, but it is hard. It is always right there on the tip of my tongue.

I am no longer saying -- "I run slow - 10/10:30 minute mile."

It feels awkward not to say something negative about my pace.  However, I am coming to realize (very slowly) that my pace is what it is. Would I like to be faster. Yes. Is it going to happen?  I don't think so. Maybe shave a few seconds off of here or there, but mostly it is what it is.

Something happened this week that made me realize that my activity level is really not the norm.  I was meeting with a student nutritionist and she asked me about how often I exercised.  I told her that on the weekends I do a long run of about 10 miles in the off season and longer in the summer for training.  The look on her face was one I  wish I could frame and keep on my wall.  It was of astonishment.  Like I was some sort of super woman.  It made me feel awesome.

I am thinking of trying to meet with her once a week.

This enlightenment will only last till May.  Until I start training with a group of people much faster and way more talented than I.  Sonofbitches.


T said...

Yes yes yes! I share this anecdote a lot, but years ago I was running with a friend of mine and complaining about how I was "only" running about 20 miles a week, but that I wanted to get my mileage up higher. He asked why, and I said that 20mpw was low for my circle of running friends. He said, "It doesn't sound like you need to run more, it sounds like you need to make a new circle of running friends."

Bridget said...

What is wrong with us?! And it is so HARD not to say anything and that is what really gets me. I literally have to make an effort not to apologize. WTF.

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