Saturday, February 11, 2012

How I almost drowned and got a PR

Okay, I didn't almost drowned. Not even close, but I like to be dramatic.
First, the PR, which I believe lead to aforementioned not-so-much-drowning.  Did I really just use the word aforementioned? How scholarly of me.  ANYWAY. I managed to get a PR in a 5k this past Sunday.  How I pulled this out of my ass I have no freaking clue.  None. 

Here is a recap of last weekend's workout:
  • Saturday - 10 miles with a few lung busting hills. 
  • Sunday - 7 a.m. cycle class. It was a ball buster. 40 minutes of intense intervals. 
  • Sunday - 11 a.m. Super Couch Potato 5k at 11 a.m. At one point I was seriously thinking of bagging the race.  I was tired and my quads were sore from the beating in the morning and on Saturday.  Started the race and I don't know what the hell came over me, but I raced it.  Time: 25:54.  What the........
The last time I was under 26 was 4 years ago. Can someone explain to me how this happened?

Here is what led up to Tuesday's disaster in the pool.  Hard workouts on the weekend with not nearly enough water to support hydration lost.  Hello. Stupid.

Tuesday I teach my yoga class at 6 p.m., and then get my ass over to Le Moyne pool by 7:15.  Now. I've had no water, zip, nada, none since lunch and even then is was one glass. I am awful at getting enough water -- something I really have to work on.

Near the end of the swim workout the group was practicing wave starts. On the third one, I felt the cramp coming on and was powerless to stop the onslaught.  You know that moment when you realize there is nothing you can do.  The muscle on the side of my calf twists like an Anaconda on an deer.

Thankfully I wasn't in the deep end or else I would have been SCREWED. I start yelling because the pain is so intense.  People surround me and get me to the side of the pool.  I am still yelling and start to cry because it hurts SO bad.  The coach and a lifeguard haul me out of the pool and there you see it.  My calf looks like it is about ready to give birth to an alien. Finally, I feel the muscle untwist, but I am so scared that it is going to cramp again.  At this point I am whimpering, repeating over and over and over again -- relax.  At some point while I was in the water a very sweet woman from the group held my hand and didn't let go.  I was squeezing the shit out of her fingers. 

I get up.  Embarrassed as ALL hell and near tears because I felt like a wimp that I limp towards to the locker room.  All I wanted to do was go home. Practiced continued and I slunk out of the pool area. 

PLEASE do not ever let this happen in a race!!!!!!!!

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