Saturday, February 25, 2012

Finally! Race Decisions!

Is it May, yet?   Spring semester is always a crazy ass time for me at work and it gradually ramps up in craziness until the end of April.  Semester ends May 5th and campus becomes a ghost town. Just in time for summer training to start.

I've finally made some decisions on what races I am doing this year. It was hard to decide due to vacations, but after much stress and freaking out it has come down to this:

July 14th will be Henderson Harbor - The race is the weekend after we get back from visiting the family in Ohio. Next race will be August 5th for the Iron Girl and to finish the Tri season on Sept. 1st with the Skinnyman  And yes.  I am running a marathon this year too. The Mohawk Hudson River Marathon on October 7th.

Holy shit.  This is the most races I've ever done in one season.  Gulp.

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