Saturday, January 21, 2012

This again?

Been playing around with the blog and changed the description to include triathlons since I will most likely be talking a lot about the subject.  Especially since I am going to be REALLY involved in the local triathlon club.  Kind of turns out that starting next month I am going to be the President.  Huh? Who would have figured?!

Husband and I are trying to figure out a spring half to do.  There is one, Skunk Cabbage, but I am nervous to sign-up for it from what people tell me about it.  Not that it is hard, but that the rule of no ipods is strictly enforced. To the point that if you are seen wearing one they will actually take your bib! Like defile and embarrassed your sorry wearing ipod ass right there on the course.  Listen.  I don't need any extra humiliation. My pace does it for me.

The season of the great ipod debate is upon us (AGAIN). I wonder how many blog posts are about this very subject?  Million?  And here is million and one.

It begins at the Skunk Cabbage with their flogging of anyone who dares run 13.1 to Eminem or *gasp* Bieber.  Does anyone run to a Bieber song?  If you do.  Better keep it to yourself.  Really.  Keep it to yourself.  Then we have the Mountain Goat training runs that will start in March.  Last year there was a lot of hoopla about running with ipods.  If you were seen wearing one you were asked by fellow runners to take it off.  I am using the word 'asked' loosely here. If you have been running for awhile you know the fanatics I am talking about -- yep, those bastards.

*Standing up with arms raised to the heavens*


I wear an ipod. Why? Because I don't want to be alone with my thoughts.  I hate my thoughts. I do everything in my power NOT to think about things and having music makes sure I am not thinking.  As for the listening to the sound of my own body. No thanks. I get enough grunts and heavy breathing from my husband. Music helps me get through a 10-12-18-20 mile run. Through the hills. And sometimes. Shuts the negative voice out.

I am not an elite. I am the back-of-the-packer that you will never seen until the beer line.  Give me something. My ipod.

I do understand why people get all pissy about ipod wearers.  It is the same as road rage.  When you see someone doing something stupid you want to punch them.  Normal.  But you wouldn't ban people from driving? You yell, raise a select finger and call them every name in the book and move on.

Instead we should spread the word of Courtesy Rules When Wearing an iPod:

1:  Have only one ear bud in.
2:  Keep the music on a level that doesn't make your ear bleed.
3:  Keep the music on a level that runners next to you, behind you and in front of you can't hear what song you are listening to. 


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Kristin said...

Ha ha! I actually started not wearing one in 2007, Only on the treadmill. Its actually nice to hear some of the sounds around you.