Sunday, January 15, 2012

Is it just me or does anyone else avoid the treadmill at all cost? Can't stand it and so much so that I went for a long run (not really all that long) in freeze-your-nose-hair cold. Yep. Froze my tah tah's off, but it was a hell of a lot better than the treadmill.

It was an okay run after a few miles and my face was so numb that I couldn't feel anything. But I didn't freeze my ass off alone. I had my friend Shannon and Kris with me. They are my fellow idiots. We planned on 10 and decided on 6.5. Running on the snow/ice covered trail was kicking our asses. I forgot how much energy it takes to run on that shit. Felt like the Tin Man afterwards.

Tomorrow I am going to get my butt on the trainer for about 45-60 minutes. I am excited to get on my bike because I had aero bars put on them last weekend! I've had aero bar envy for a long time and now I have my own. Makes me feel like a real cyclist!

Have you seen Pimp My Ride? I want to do that with my bike. Make it look badass intimidating?! Maybe a skull screwed to the top of the aero bars? Like a hood ornament! That would take away my real cyclist title, but how COOL would it be!

Now. To find a skull....


Katie Duffy said...

treadmills are from the devil. i hate them like poison. ironically, though, i love the idea of your skull and crossbones aerobars - not evil at all, or rather, the good kind of evil.

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