Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I am pissed.

Pissed that it takes months to prepare for a race and get into shape and only weeks for all the fitness to go down the toilet.

Pissed that our greyhound, John is not doing well and we are out of options.

Pissed that for sixth time I will have to put a dog down.

Pissed that I am going to miss him so much.

Pissed that I love him so much.

Pissed that people are douchebags and feel they don't have to be accountable.

Pissed that my fitness has taken such a nose dive due to me being a lazy asshole.

Pissed that yoga is not an aerobic exercise.

Pissed that I have no will power, drive, intiative to get my ass out running more than once a week.

Pissed at everyone posting motivational running quotes making me feel even worse.

Pissed that those quotes don't motivate me.

Pissed that I can't come up with a motivational quote!

Pissed that no one sends me free shit to test so I can blog about it.

Pissed that I can't think of jackshit to write.

Just. Pissed.


Mad Red Hare said...

So sorry to hear about John. That is tough. I am looking for some inspiration myself these days.

T said...

Yeah. These are all completely valid reasons to be pissed off. FWIW, I'd much rather read a poem like yours than the ubiquitously happy "THREE THINGS I'M GRATEFUL FOR THURSDAY." It's way more genuine, and real.