Monday, May 30, 2011

All Hell Breaking Loose

This weekend I went out of town for a bridal shower and hubby stayed home with the pups. It turned out to be two days of complete hell and horror for the husband. I, on the other hand, had a grand time.

It started on Saturday night when Lily our recent addition and John got into a fight over a smidgen of bbq on the chair. Lily is only 2 yrs old and John is 12 and has spinal issues. Lily manged to jerk John's neck to the side and down he went. Husband said it was horrific because John was on his side crying and shaking like he was having seizure. What I think happened was he pinched a nerve and was having spasm as a result. It was off to the emergency vet.

Hubby arrives at the ER VET and there is a TWO HOUR WAIT. Since John is able to walk he takes him home and gave him prednisone that we have used before for his back. Thankfully, today, after complete rest and the pred, he has improved, but still walking very weird. He will need to get to the vet to get checked out.

Okay, as if this isn't bad enough. Hubby is literally freaked out and beyond stressed because it was such a bad scene. He is constantly worried about John and is distracted. Because of this...

Nightmare #2 begins.

He is taking our other older grey, Rimmy, out for a short walk and was so distracted with worry about John, he left the front door open a few seconds to long. Sophie squirted out. Then John. Both dogs are out and across the street in a blink of an eye. With their muzzles on. If anyone with greyhound's know this is an owners worst nightmare.

Thanks be to all that is holy they stopped in the neighbors yard. The neighbor was home and helped the husband corral everyone. After everyone was safe my poor husband proceeded to have a mini mental breakdown and a very large drink.

So much for a relaxing weekend.

Please send healing thoughts to my boy, John.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Damn you, social media

I am getting addicted to Twitter. *Sigh*

A few years ago I started blogging and then stopped for a long time. Just recently, I've taken it up again. I blog because I like to think it helps my writing. Sometimes I wish I could write about deeper things, but in all honesty. I am a very shallow person. I admit it. My sense of humor is equivalent to a 13 yr old boy (farts make me laugh). What I write is who I am. Average.


The point of me joining Twitter is that I don't want to become a dinosaur at work. My job is working with college students. The last few years have been all about social media. It is how they communicate with each other and now the world. In the past year employers have been using Twitter. It was time to get in there.

Here is the thing. I feel just as awkward on Twitter (socially) as I do when I first meet people in person! It is this feeling of trying to be with the cool kids when I totally feel like a loser. Seriously. I was a little freaked out because I didn't want people to think I was crashing their party.

I have issues.

After a few 'replies' to people and a couple tweets to me, I started to feel more comfortable.

Maybe I can hang out with the cool people.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Swimming, Running, Oh My!

There is so much I want to write about that I don't know where or what to start with first.


Last week coach moved me over to the intermediate side of the pool. Although I was happy to be recognized for improvement, I was instantaneously nauseous. I do NOT like being singled out and/or being noticed. I'd rather fade and blend into the background like the good wallflower catholic girl I am. People *think* I am an extrovert and outgoing, but the truth is I feel extremely awkward around people I don't know and have a tendency (a lot) to be overly friendly. Yes. I am that weirdo.

At the end of the practice he had us do speed intervals. MAJOR suckage. As I do with running, I started out WAY to fast. You get to rest for 15 seconds, then go again. By the third repeat my heart was beating so hard my eyeballs were pulsing and I do believe a lung was near rupture. I stopped. And I heard about it. Next little speech to the group was "don't quit" Yeah, well, when you feel like you are about to spontaneously combust then I think it is time to take a break! Shit. Even the woman next to me asked if I wanted to use her inhaler.

Brick Workout

Did my brick workout with the tri club on Wednesday. Oh, the drama. I love reading a smackdown (especially when it doesn't involve me). The brick is to run 2 miles - bike 8 or 12 and then run 2-3 miles. The problem that caused all the drama and aforementioned smackdown was headphones.

Headphones are such a hot topic in the running world, but I didn't think would be an issue in cycling. Oh. How wrong. The shitfit was about a woman wearing headphones WHILE ON THE BIKE. I remember seeing her because I was behind her on the bike. I remember thinking, why the hell is she wearing headphones. BAD, BAD, BAD idea. I was so distracted that I didn't notice she wasn't wearing a HELMET either. Hence. DOUBLE shitfit.

BTW - it was extremely windy that night. There were times were I felt like a hamster on wheel. My legs were spinning, but I sure and the hell weren't going anywhere.


The class I am teaching is going well. We did 5/3 (run 5, walk 3) and everyone did awesome. I have a guy in my class that is doing extremely well. He is a big guy and when I was running with him he said "I HATE running" And he meant it. How do you respond?! I tried to be encouraging and told him how great he was doing and that after all this hard work that he sticks with it. Why do all the work if you aren't going to stick with it?

I am going to be honest. I don't love running. Wish I did. There are runs that are enjoyable. But overall it isn't something I would say I love to do. What I do love is what running gives me. The ability to eat crap (in moderation, of course) and fitness. It feels good to feel good for me. Running to me isn't how fast, how long, how often I can run. It is about taking care of the one and only body I will have in this lifetime.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bearded Lady

What happens when you mix up regular towels with dog towels?

It was after my swim. Getting out of the shower, I grabbed my towel and started to wipe my face. It felt like I was drying off with a kitten. Dog hair. All over my face.

There was so much hair stuck in my eyelashes and eyeballs that I could barely see. I stumbled to the mirror trying desperately to hold on to my towel with one hand and clawing at my face with the other. I get to the mirror and this is what I see...

I can't even talk about it without my eyes watering.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Speed Demon

"Uh, huh, I am a badass"

My dog is faster than me!! BY A LOT.

My husband and our a new little speed demon, Lily ran the Six Legged 5k this morning. Their time is one that I don't think I will ever run unless my ass is on fire and even then it is doubtful.

It was a pretty crappy day. Rain and dreary, but that didn't stop Bill from wanting to get Lily out there on the course to show her stuff.

We were nervous on how she would act around other dogs because we've only had her for about 3 months and we are working on some 'issues' She can be a bit of a bitch to the other dogs. However, she did awesome today with all the other dogs. *Sniff* So proud.

Bill got her out front and she was LITERALLY pulling him like a sled dog at a 7:15 pace!!!!!!!!! Barking for the first quarter mile. Bill had to reign her in or else he was going to give out! They settled in and found an owner with his female Pit Bull, Justice to run with for awhile. Lily must of really like Justice because when they stopped for water she came to a dead stop. When Justice caught up with them, she started running again. So, she can be nice...sometimes.

They crossed the finish line at: 23.17

Is it wrong to be incredibly jealous of one's dog?

Friday, May 13, 2011

Silly Me.

Holy kick in the pants, Batman. This week I dove head first into my training. Manged to do a workout everyday and I am officially cooked. It is so funny how I fooled myself into thinking I have maintained fitness over my sluggish, wah, wah, whiney ass, poor me it is winter. I *thought* I could jump right back into the swing of things and be ahead of the game.

I. Am. An. Asshole.

Now, I will admit I do have some residual running fitness -- one good thing that comes from running a freaking marathon. However, when it comes to the bike and swim, I am like a infant. A legless and armless infant. A stump on a bike. A blob in the water. How is it that I can run 26.2 miles, but swimming 400 yards wipes my ass out! And I don't even want to go into the cycling. One would think that being a runner, I would have the quad strength to be awesome on the bike. WRONG. I went out on a ride and people were flying by me like I am riding a fucking tricycle with training wheels. Sigh.

So now I am pissed. And when I am pissed I am motivated. Today I received my training program from Hypercat Racing and I am pumped. It is extremely detailed and it is just what I needed. Structure.

The light bulb has gone off in my head this year that if I don't have structure my motivation goes right out the window. In the past couple weeks the variety of workouts for a Tri is challenging and I am not getting bored. SCORE. But I do know I have to be careful not to get overwhelmed. When that happens I go to the other extreme. I just say fuck it and not do anything. My goal is to maintain the balance and give myself credit for each workout I DO and not beat myself up on the ones I miss.

Goal: Complete the workouts. Don't stress out about the workouts. Get stronger. Kick some ass.

Monday, May 02, 2011


You know what has been a huge pain in the ass since I started swimming again? Grooming. The last time I have shaved this much and often was before I was married.

Sunday, I thought I wouldn't shower before swim class. Why bother, I was going to shower later. I put my suit on under my clothes and started getting my gym bag together. About 10 minutes before I am to leave I had a terrifying thought. I DIDN'T SHAVE!!! And people. *I am not talking about my legs.

Question: Why is it after 40 hair grows at an alarming rate? ANYWAY.....

I knew I had to at least do a precursory shave or else I wasn't going to be able to concentrate in class because I would be obsessing thinking there were a whole bunch of rogue party favors going on down there. So I did a quick shave and headed out the door feeling pretty good about things. A feeling that was very temporary.

The class was a extremely frustrating. "Coach" had us working on drills that would help us be more balanced in the water. After the first drill it was clear I have no balance because I ingested half the pool. (side note: cholrine burns when it goes up the nose).


Here I am going to tell you why I am going to hell. To make myself feel better about my suckiness, I would wait to go last so I could see who in the class sucked worse than me. AND not only that, I was so happy that there were people that sucked worse than me.

Make room in the hand basket.

*I apologize to any of my relatives reading this because there is just some things you don't want to picture.