Thursday, December 29, 2011

Happy 2012...almost.

Another Christmas has passed. Sigh.

We had a very nice holiday, but I did miss being with family. A few years ago we made the decision to stay in Syracuse instead of driving 9 hours to Ohio. After 12 years of near death experiences on I-90, we decided it was better to visit in the summer. And it is better. However, I still miss the noise and the family drama. For about 5 minutes.

The husband did a great job with the gifts. He got me a year supply of my favorite chapstick. Carmex is the only way to go! I do believe I have a slight obsession (among several other things)about chapstick. If I think for a second I don't have any immediately on hand my lips get cracked and dry like I've been out in the desert for days. A little pyschosis perhaps?

My sister bought me the most awesome hoodie jacket! It is from Under Armour called "The Storm" WATER RESISTANT cotton?! WTF? Oh, yeah, baby. Next time I am at a race standing in the freezing rain I will have this beauty on to keep my sorry ass nice and dry.

Bill and I have a tradition of giving the pups a few gifts too. The crew received two stuffed toys each and some chews. John isn't into the toys any longer. Guess he is too old for that type of crap. Lily is scared shitless over the Angry Bird toy. The oinking noise it makes freaks her out and she hides in the bedroom. Sissy.

Sophie thinks it is her job to eviserate all of the toys and has been successful with the rabbit. It wasn't a pretty scene and I had to pick cotton out of her front nibblets. I could tell she was damn proud of herself. Evil dog.

It is also the time for resolutions. I am not a fan. Every year the Y it is packed to the gills for two months and then in March. Poof. Everyone disappears. Why not make a resolution in the summer? When you are much more motivated to get outside? January is just a brutal month to begin an exercise program. Cold. Dark. Snowy. It is like asking for failure. It is hard for people who regularly excerise to get out and get it done. Instead. Why not focus changing eating habits with a few days of excerise either at home or the gym. Slowly get in the habit. Don't go all balls to the walls and then stop because it is "too much" or "didn't have enough time."

For me, I am not making any resolutions, but hope to do better in a few areas of my life. For example, I would like to do better at following a training plan. I would like to do better in sending cards and staying in touch with people. I would like to do better in the area of finishing projects at home. In 2012, I want to look at certain areas of my life or things I currently do and focus on doing them a little better. Not changing. Not adding a new goal, but instead staying present with what I have and can do and see if it can be improved. If it can then maybe...just maybe...from there a new goal can come to be.


T said...

Someone once told me that if you get addicted to lip balms, your lips no longer produce natural oils. I can attest to that. I'm an addict, too.

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