Saturday, November 12, 2011

Fitness Expert? Really?

I am going to declare myself a fitness expert. Why the hell shouldn't I?! It is all the rage. A few people I know are "fitness experts" and since I have just enough knowledge about running and yoga I am going to jump on the "fitness expert" wagon. Move the fuc* over people.

So what if I haven't spent years studying the philosophy of yoga and can't pronounce a pose other than in English! I can't do a Head Stand or the Crow pose without looking like someone having a mild seizure. Does that matter?! All that matters is that I can do a mean Warrior I.

Have I ever broken the finish tape at a race? Not unless I am the only person in the race. Will I ever run Boston? No. But wait. I could run for charity and ligit say "I ran Boston" by not mentioned the charity part. No one really needs to know that. As far as pace? Whatever. My blistering pace of 8:30 for two miles should be good enough to earn me the title of expert! Besides all my qualifications, I have run THREE marathons. Shhhhhhhhhit. Therefore, I know everything there is to know about marathons.

In all seriousness. What the hell is going on with the world.

I am definitely not an expert. Do I teach yoga. Yes. I've taken certification classes to be an instructor and to teach yoga. Do I think this makes me an expert. Hell, no. Do I teach a running class? Yes. For beginner's. My goal for this class is to get them to run 30 minutes without stopping. Once members complete the program, I tell them to go to someone who is an expert to take them to the next level. That person is not me. Hell, I am still trying to get to the next level!

When I decided to look for a coach, I needed to figure out my goals and do my research. Go figure. RESEARCH. If I was going to pay someone money then I wanted to make sure they knew what they were doing. The person I chose ran a 2:17 marathon, trained with Kenyans and ran the qualifications for the Olympics and was a pro athlete in marathon running. I was fairly certain he knew a thing or two about running. Compared to someone who *believes* their abilities are that of an Olympic athlete, yet their times prove otherwise.

This week has proved a bit much after coming across a few situations (people) who I know that are going around talking a lot of big talk when in reality they are just average like most of the population.

So please. Ask questions. Do some research and find out if the person really does have the background/education to backup their big talk.


Kristin said...

OOOOO!!! I wonder who you are talking about?!!! OMG!! LOL! I know some people I just wouldn't hire to be my triathlon coach. But I AM NOT naming anyone on this blog!! Im so glad you feel the same way I do! I knew I liked you!! ;)

IHateToast said...

I think we've lost the plot. take the word "elite".Ii think it's hilarious when people who run really well call themselves elite. Aaand I'm just enough of a sh!t-stirrer to remind them that the elite qualify for the Olympics, not Boston, and those are just elite runners. They are not elite outside of that.

We're lazy with our language. Do something? You're an expert. Do something well? You're awesome.

I love gyms that have people walk around with their 6-week course certificate in their back pocket and advise people on machines, free weights, etc. We're very impatient when it comes to becoming an expert. We want it now.

By the way, I am an expert on naps. Just wondering if you wanted my advice on them.

Bridget said...

Kristin -- we will talk.

Bridget said...

IHateToast - If you were standing in front of me right now I would hug you. I LOVE that you are a shit stirrer. HA!