Monday, October 10, 2011


There is so much I want to write/say, but I am having trouble just sitting down to write. It is because I am feeling very anxious. Sister is coming on Wednesday and the house still isn't "guest" clean. And, of course, the marathon Sunday. My mind is a whirlwind of trying to prepare -- diet, clothes, hydration, and mental prep.

I've been working hard on my mental state to change the nagging negative, self-doubting thoughts to positive thoughts. Telling myself to just get out there and run. Fuck it. Just run. What happens will happen.

What I hope to accomplish:

  • Start out at a conservative pace and ease into my race pace.

  • Stick with the race pace as long as I can.

  • Easy on the uphill and roll with the downhill to make up the time.

  • Know it is going to hurt at the end. Prepare for it.

  • Do my best and give it what I can and be happy...regardless.


I know I should trust my training. But. When you are a notorious slacker, it is hard to do. Have I put in most of the work? Yes. Have I've done all of the work and followed the plan exactly? No.

Anyone else feel this anxious? Doubtful? How did you get your negative self to shut the hell up?!

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