Friday, September 30, 2011

Taper and Doubts

I am officially tapering for the marathon in..glup..two weeks. Damn! Where did the time go!? It wasn't that long ago I was writing about the start of training. Now, I am sitting here stressing about the race.

I am not stressing about finishing. I will finish. I am stressing about my performance. Can I do what I want to do? Do I have it in me? Everyone keeps telling me "you look strong, you can do it." But only if I can believe that I can and there is my problem.

I talk a big talk, but in truth, I have no will power. The negative thoughts creep in, take a vice like hold and many times I lose the battle and play it safe. This time, I am hoping I can put up a good fight or at least long enough to get me close to the finish line or even, mile 23. Keep my feet moving at a 10 m/m pace. It isn't that I want to PR (trust me I do). It is more than that. It is me testing me. Does that make sense?


What I am excited about is my sister is flying in to see the race. No one in my family has come out to see a race. Not because they don't want to, but just not possible. It means a lot to have her out there and will definitely keep me motivated.

Tomorrow -- 2 hour run. Wooo hooo. You know you are in taper when you are happy about a 2 hour run!


Kristin said...

I think I saw you running on River road Yest. You will do great! Trust in yourself and all the training you have done! See you out there!

Bridget said...

Kristin - your blog hates me!! I've tried to post comments (twice!) and it won't take.

You are going to do awesome in 27 days!!!