Thursday, September 01, 2011

20 miler - Ready or Not

Saturday is our scheduled first 20 mile training run on the Empire State marathon course. I plan on writing a detail description with elevation on my blog. Hopefully this will give people coming in for the race some idea of what to expect. But here is a sneak preview:

The start and end of the race is flat (6 miles). We run down the Onondaga Parkway which is a pretty with the lake, but there is absolutely no shade or protection from wind. Nada. Nothing. The course takes you into the park -- the trails will not be closed so people will be out there doing what they normally do. However, good news in the a.m. it won't be crowded, but for the middle/late packers for the marathon, expect people on the way back in.

Runners will come in on the East trail -- flat and has three bathrooms along the way -- Willow Bay is the third and closest to the trail. As you go under the bridge and head to the dog park (near the end) there is one more bathroom right by the dog park. Half marathoner's turn around at the dog park and marathoner's head out on Rte. 370.

Rte. 370 to Hayes Rd. Hayes Rd is a loop that will take you back to 370. Here is the thing to remember about Hayes. There is a decent sized climber at the end of Hayes. And when I say climber, I also like to call it a grinder.

After that, you will have to wait till the next post. But from what I hear, it is a lot of rollers.


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