Wednesday, August 24, 2011

So Tired

I am tired. Last week we did a BRUTAL hill workout. Six repeats of a quarter mile hill with a slow incline of a over 100 ft. We start out at 545 ft and end at 658 ft., and it is hell. By the 4th repeat I was feeling a little queasy. By the 6th I was working hard not to puke over the side of the railing. I know hills make you stronger, but damn, they suck.

The next day was to be a 6 mile run. I did 4. Thursday was to be a 9 mile run. I barely squeaked out 6. And it was a tough...tough 6. Saturday I taught yoga and Sunday was to be a 2 hour run. And I swear, I had EVERY intention of going. Had everything ready to go and was about to walk out the door when it started raining. Looked at the radar and it wasn't going to be a light drizzle, but pouring rain. Decided I would go later in the afternoon. Yeah, well, that didn't work out.

Yesterday was a tempo run. My assigned time was to keep an 8:44-8:50 pace for 4 miles. When my coach told me my pace zone my reaction was -- "Are you fucking crazy? I can't keep that pace." And he said, "you wanted to do a 4:15 marathon." Shit. There was a lot more bitching, but I decided I would try and slow my pace down if I didn't think I could sustain it.

We did a mile warm-up or what we like to call "slog.' Hit the Garmin and kicked it up. The first mile, I really felt it in my legs, but managed to keep the pace at 8:47. Mile 2 wasn't any better and actually saw a friend of mine walking her dog. All I could do was offer a feeble wave, and she asked me today if I was pissed at her because the look on my face was a death stare. Yeah, I wanted to kill someone, but that someone was me. However, mile 2 was 8:42. At this point, I am thinking slow down, bitch, take it a little slower. But I fought the urge and decided to just try to keep it -- mile 3 was 8:40. The last mile was clearly the horse-to-the-stall syndrome. I just wanted it done and thought if I just kept going at this pace the sooner I would be done. Then I could walk. I wanted to walk SO bad and that was my carrot. Mile 4 was 8:38. Mile 4 on the dot, I walked. Walked for quarter mile and slogged it back to the start.

Today, my legs are feeling it. Went out for a 4 mile run (was supposed to be 6) and barely managed an 11 minute pace. Tomorrow I am meeting my friend after work for 8 miles and then I have to sub a yoga class right after.

This isn't going to be pretty. I may get into dog down and not be able to come out and let's not even discuss piegon. What I can predict is there will be some groaning from the instructor.

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