Monday, August 01, 2011


I went into Saturday's 16 miler like a soldier going into battle. During the week I made sure I ate a lot of protein and good carbs, hydrated and slept well and made a new kick ass playlist. When I pulled in the parking lot, I had my game face on.

We did a route that was out in the country and let me tell you, it got real warm, real quick out there. Oooh, boy. Even the cows were looking at us with pity with their big bovine eyes.

Shannon stashed a cooler with water at an intersection that we would hit at the 6 and 13 mile mark.

We hit our cooler at 6 and then hit a series of slow, only-found-in-the-stupid-country-hills. After the hills, we got lost. We were supposed to hop on the canal, but missed a lot. After we realized we went WAY to far, we decided to turnaround and go back the way we came. Judging the distance we would get back to park at 16 on the nose. Cool.

What wasn't so cool were my hamstrings. As we were heading back, I got a cramp in the upper hamstring the ass. Luckily I carry Cramp 911 -- this little roll-on I bought at an expo years ago. This stuff is the bomb! I clutch the back of my leg and Shannon immediately asks if I have my stuff. I get out of my pouch and lift my shorts up. As Shannon is rolling it on an area way close to my ass a truck with two dudes drive by. Hope you enjoyed the show fellas. You could have thrown a $20 out the window.

I gimp along for a few minutes then I am all fine and dandy. Like I said -- this stuff is the bomb.

At around the 11 mile mark we polish off the rest of our water & Gatorade because we knew we would refill at the 13 mile mark. As I was about quarter mile from the 13 mile mark and I could see Shannon's hubby in the mini-van pull into the little intersection and a few minutes later pull out. Then it hit me. He took the cooler! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

All of us agreed we were not going another step until the cooler was returned. After a quick phone call, the cooler was back in about 5 minutes. We drank. Refilled and headed off.

My average pace was 10:45 and I had negative splits for the last two miles.

Ah, redemption feels good.


T said...

I've never heard of this magic cramp serum, but I'll remember that! And next time I'll totally toss you guys some money as I drive by, gawking ;)

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