Friday, August 19, 2011

Newest member!

Guess who is now on the Board of the CNY Tri Club? MEEEE!!!

You are looking at the new Membership Director. I will be handling all the registrations, answering questions, and helping out. I am really excited about the opportunity to get more involved with the club. They really are a gem of a resource for anyone training for a Tri. They offer some nice perks for being a member. They even have their own Winter Training Facility (WTF). I would really like to make some t-shirts with the WTF acronym.

The gentleman that was handling it before wanted to move to another board position so the membership position came up. I was approached by a woman involved in the club about if I would be interested and I said yes, because I think it is important to give back.

What I am even MORE excited about is this will (hopefully) keep me motivated to keep training over the winter months. Which I need all the help I can get. My M.O. is to go into total hibernation mode after my fall marathon.

I am also excited about breaking the perception of being labeled in one of the two camps. You know the "you are a triathlete" or "you are a marathoner." I do believe (and I know one personally) there are people who think you can't be both, which is stupid. I hate labels, BUT, I will take one proudly. It is the label of being an athlete.

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Ms. Duffy said...

Yay, look at you, all important regional tri lady and stuff! Good luck with it!