Monday, August 08, 2011

Iron Girl 2011 Race Report

This was my 2nd sprint Tri. The first was back in 2006 and it took me five years to do another one.

Saturday, I headed to Oneida Shores to get my packet and rack my bike. Wanted to get a good spot. I got there when they opened at 11 a.m. and the line waiting to check-in was a thousand miles long. Apparently, everyone else had the same idea. Seems I am not the genius I thought I was. I get my bike out of the car and get in line. Low and behold there was a woman from my beginner running class from two years ago. Very sweet, but likes to talk. The majority of the time was her telling me how she hasn't trained, blah, blah, but she will do okay, hasn't trained, blah, blah. Finally, the filter between my head and mouth broke and I told her she had to stop telling me she hasn't trained because it was ticking me off. It worked because she stopped talking about it.

Finally, I made it up to the registration desk and got my wrist band. Next was my packet and chip. Final stop was the transition area. Holy shit. This is when reality set in because it was HUGE. My jaw hit the ground and I thought to myself, how the hell was I going to find my bike! Going down my designed rack line, I found an area on the pavement that had two white lines that crossed each other. I parked my wheels right on the lines. All I had to remember was six racks down at the white T. See, I am a genius!

Later that night I had a mini (major) meltdown because this was the first race on my own. No friends. No group. Just me. My friends were going to be there to cheer me on, but I knew I was on my own to figure things out. Where to go, how to transition, and more importantly, I had to push myself. It scared the shit out of me. I am used to being in a group. With people to turn to and share pre-dawn jitters. Knowing that it was just me on race morning freaked me out. After several panic text's to my buds, they got my head back on straight.

Sunday morning at 4 a.m., the alarm goes off. Damn, 4 a.m. is mothereffing early. Go to the bathroom and guess what? Aunt Flo came early. Really?! Really. Not a great way to start race morning. Glad the swim wasn't in the ocean or else my nickname would be shark bait. Anyway, only thing I can do is hope for the best and come up with a game plan. The game plan was if things got ugly to say I cut my leg. Yep. That would work.

Saturday night it rained so when I got to the transition everything was drenched. Who I really felt for were the people that had to set their gear up in huge puddles of water. Damn. That just sucks. Thankfully, my area was dry. Whew! Get my gear set-up and proceed to use the port-a-jon's at least 4 x's before the start.

Head to the beach to wait...and wait...and wait. Finally, it is our turn to swim. It takes me awhile to get my groove and find my breath. After I make the first turn, I am in my groove and feeling good. Then I hear and see someone to my right calling for a lifeguard. This make me pop my head out of the water and head hits the corner of the lifeguard's kayak. Talk about seeing stars. He was trying to cross the traffic of swimmers. I was fine, but pissed! At this point I wanted out of the water and people to get out my way. I swam my little arms off to finish. At one point, I started to eat silt. What the....?!? Because the water is so shallow and a lot of women were having problems they were standing up and walking to the shoreline. I had no choice, I had to stand up a lot sooner than I wanted because I couldn't see shit due to all the kicked up sand. I was not a happy camper. On my way to transition a friend took this shot.

I was trying to smile and failing.

Although I was hit in the head, I was REALLY happy about my swim performance. It was a million times better experience than my first tri. I felt strong and didn't freak out (besides the kayak).

Swim - 15:16.
Ranking was 131. Say what?! Uh, huh. 131 out of 1054! Slap that bitch down!

T1-4:10 This is SO slow. Have to work on this for next year. What the hell was I doing? Picking my butt?

The bike portion had me worried because I didn't get in the training I wanted too. My goal was to finish this 18 mile ride in 1:10. As I got out there I started passing people. This boosted my confidence because I managed to maintain a good mph and felt strong throughout. However, this leg was not without its drama. I was probably about a quarter mile from the finish when a wasp the size of my fist flew into my arm and stung me!!! IT HURT LIKE A SONOFABITCH. I am yelling and clutching my arm. Look down and there is blood and it is starting to swell. At this point, I am thinking why does this race hate me!? What the hell did I ever do to it!

Bike: 1:02:29 Yippy skippy!!!
Ranking: 442 Hey, I will take it!

T2 2:17 Again, SLOW. I blame this on the wasp from hell.

Get to the transition and throw some water on my bloody swollen arm. Get my shoes on and head out to the run. See my friends a long the way who took these wonderful shots.



On the run, I buzz by people and keep a nice steady pace. At this point I just want it done. I've been bashed in the head, stung by a bee, and I want OUT! Screw all this women empowerment crap!

Run: 28:35 -- Very happy with this time.
Rank: 208

At the end I felt really good. Physically and mentally. I conquered this event and training on my own. And you know what deserves all the credit? Marathon's.

Marathon's have toughed up this girl both mentally and physically. Without all the grueling training and running of 26.2, I don't think I would have done half as well as I did.


T said...

On behalf of all of us who hate those people, thank you for telling that girl to shut up at the start. I mean, seriously: we get that you're nervous, but if you really didn't train at all? You shouldn't be here.

I'm impressed by your times, and by you continuing with a bloody, swollen bee sting. Damn.

Bridget said...

Thanks! It appears I do better when I am really pissed off. And I was by the run.

Ms. Duffy said...

Wow, kayak, wasp.... you had a really eventful (and evidently therefore a very quick) race. Did you at least have any fun??!! Are you going to do it again?

4crazygreys said...

I did have fun, but I won't do this race again. Reason will be in my next (rant) post.