Saturday, August 20, 2011

Fantasy Island

I am dating myself, but I used to love the show Fantasy Island. A place where your special fantasy comes true. Here are few of my ongoing running fantasies:

I am new to town and show up at a group run. As the faster men start out, one makes eye contact...oh wait, wrong fantasy. ooops. It is THIS one.

I am right with them. At one point they get quiet because they picked up the pace to try and shake me, but I keep up. Easily. As they start to struggle, I pass them. Humming a tune to whatever is on my iPod. Look at my watch and I am running a conversational 6 minute pace.

Same fantasy, except this time, I start out and they can't catch up to me. I am always JUST a little further of them, but they can't catch me. Again. 6 minute pace.

The above two are always a group of men. Never women. Maybe it is the fantasy of a woman being faster and making a guy question his masculinity. Yep. That's it.

Zen running. No watch. No pressure. Feel an all cosmic feeling while running at a 6 minute pace. In my fantasies it is always a 6 minute pace.

Crossing the finish line and breaking the tape. Typically, the fantasy on this one is winning the NYCM. A no name that comes out of no where. The announcers go crazy.

All my running fantasies have me running a comfortable 6 minute pace, with a tempo being in the 5:00's. Yes. They are that specific. That is what makes them a fantasy.

Besides the fact that I clearly need therapy is that I would love to know the feeling of running fast. REALLY fast for more than 10 seconds.

*sigh* back to my fantasies.

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