Friday, August 19, 2011


Non running post.

This is John. JetRocket John is his racing name. He is 12 years and 3 months. Out of the 8 greyhounds we have been blessed to own, he has lived to be the oldest. Sally was just shy of being twelve when we had to let her go.

We just can't seem to get a hound to make it past twelve and it breaks my heart to say this, but John will not be the exception.

John is having major issues. He has had problems with his neck & spine. But we have managed to get him past the "episodes" with medication. This time the medication isn't working. There is a lot more going on and I am so sad.

He is limping badly on his front leg. His back end seems to be weakening more and more. He can't go down the back stairs to the yard. We have to take him out the front door and around to the backyard.


Looking at him, I realize how much I am going to miss him. I love all my hounds, but John. He is my special boy.

John goes to the vet on Thursday. We are going to get x-rays, but I am almost 99% sure it is cancer. If it is. This will be hound #4. Damn.

As if this isn't enough. Our other hound, Rim Fire goes in for extensive dental surgery next Monday. He is 11 and will be turning 12 on Christmas.

The next couple weeks are going to be tough.


Mad Red Hare said...

Will be thinking of you during this time. Damn.

T said...

Oh, I'm so sorry. Oh, man, I'm so sorry. I'll be thinking of you, too.

IHateToast said...

This makes me so sad. I'm sorry.