Friday, July 01, 2011

Views of a Run

Today was one of those days as a runner that I felt amazing. Like I could run forever.

Entering the trail I see the incredible beauty ahead of me. The rain has made all the things around a vivid green and lush. Then I look up to see the baby blue of the sky above me with the rays of the sun sparkling off the path.

I turn a corner and see the span of the lake. How clear and clean. The colors bouncing off one another.

On the trail the only sound is the crunching of the stone beneath my feet. Birds chirping and singing and a rustle of a squirrel moving through the brush. I quicken and let my breath set the rhythm. My body is relaxed. My legs are powerful.

Next corner is a view that makes me realize how tiny I am in the universe. How on days like today, I feel like a small speck in something greater than I will ever know.

So many times when I am out running I forget to see what is really around me. Trees are my ultimate favorite in the summertime. Looking across the lake I get excited to get to the other side. After my run, I jumped in the water for a 25 minute swim. The water was crystal clear and as I swam, I could see the fish beneath me. Beautiful fish the colors of gold, blue and green. One gold one that I nicknamed Bob never moved from his spot in the warm water of the shallow end.

Today I appreciate being a runner and bow down to the humble and beautiful things that surround me everyday.

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T said...

Beautiful. I'm very jealous. Obviously I need to plan a runcation to somewhere beautiful soon...