Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Spending money like I got it

This week I bought a new pair of clip shoes. WTH on the price of clips shoes!!! The lady at the cycle shop pulled out a pair with a $200 price tag! I was like those shoes better have jet engines on them for that freaking price. Then she said something that made me shut up:

"How much do you spend on your running shoes and how often do you replace them? These you will have for years."


However, I still refused to spend $200 bucks! Even if they lasted till the next Rapture, I couldn't bring myself to plunk down $200. Thankfully, I found a nice pair at a less than sphincter tightening price and I bought them. Before I left the store, I asked them if they could take the clips off my old pair and put them on the new pair. All I can say is thank you baby jesus I asked because the shoes I bought didn't fit the clips I had on my old shoes. The new pair only fit the BIG ass clips, which meant, I had the wrong pedals for the shoes I just bought.


You know what the asked me? If I wanted to buy new pedals to go with the shoes. Ummmmm...hell to the no. I just bought a new bike and replaced the pedals with clip pedals so I want a freaking shoe that will fit the pedals I already have!

Their argument. These clips/pedals will give you more power.

I. Don't. Care.

I am cheap AND I am not an elite athlete. All I want is to complete. Not compete.

They found me another pair of shoes. Best part. They were cheaper.

Tomorrow -- my first open swim. *sob*

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