Sunday, June 19, 2011

Inspiring Women

During your training have you ever come across an opportunity to meet someone or see something that puts life in perspective? Makes you look at yourself and who you are?

This morning, I had the pleasure of meeting a woman that epitomizes the word courage and why I run, bike, swim and stay active. Because no matter what, the best thing we can do for our mental and physical being is to always challenge ourselves, but at the same time be compassionate, caring and realize that we are all in this together. Put the competitive crap aside and be part of something other than yourself.

I am training for the Iron Girl in August. The University I work for put together a team and I got sucked into it. There are about 70 women, but I've only met a handful of them. This week, I sent out a message about getting together to ride the 18 mile bike course. Out of 70 people only five people showed up today; the most awesome five people on the planet.

All of us were strangers in the beginning, but comrades by the end. Why? Because we all had one core value in common: No one gets left behind.

A woman in our little group is 61 and has brain cancer. She didn't have the greatest bike and was a little unsteady as she rode. We all agreed immediately that we would watch out for her, although she kept telling us not to worry, go ahead without me, I am fine. No. This group of strangers made a decision that her safety is more important than a workout and it worked out perfectly.

One of us would ride with her, while the others rode ahead to the next intersection. Wait. Take a short break. Then switch. Each of us got a good ride in, but was able to help "Sue" get what she needed to do.

It was so inspiring to ride with these women. They made me appreciate life and compassion.

Get out there. Appreciate what you have, not what you don't.

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Mad Red Hare said...

That is amazing..thanks for that inspiration.