Saturday, June 25, 2011

Hills Suck!

My feet hurt! And I have a big ass blister on my toe. Can I bitch any more? Yes. Yes, I can.

Last week's long run sucked so bad that there is no level of suckness that would describe it. But if there was it would one of the circles in Dante's Inferno.

We were to run 12 miles. By mile 5, I knew I wasn't going to make it. It would have to be 10 and that was if I was lucky. To make matters worse is that my water bottles had been stored in a drawer that held dryer sheets. Yep. Every sip tasted like I was sucking on a bounce dryer sheet. Ahhhhh...refreshing.

It was I do not do well in the heat and we were doing hills. Long, tortures hills up on the SU hill. Now, I work at the University and DRIVE the hills, not run. This was definitely a painful eye opener. Finally, my whining wore down my friends and we agreed to only do 10. Then one of my running gals dared suggest we run another monstrous hill on our way back to the cars. I turned into a five year old and had an absolute fit on Comstock Ave. There was foot stomping, swearing and quite possibly threats. No. There was definitely threats.

Seeing as I have the best running buds ever (or they fear me) we headed back to the cars minus the bitch slapping hill. However, there was a lot of walking the last mile. It was a demoralizing run.

Today, however, was a much better! It was a hell of a lot cooler, cloudy skies, and the course was flat as my chest. We ran 12 miles and the last mile sucked, but doesn't the last mile always suck on a long run? My feet hurt and I have a blister, but it was a good run. Finally! A good run.

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