Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Great Running Skirt Debate

There has been a lot of smack talk about wanting to "look cute" and wearing running skirts. People tend to think the two go hand-in-hand. People who want to look cute or wear skirts aren't real runners. My take?


I couldn't have explained the pro's of running skirts better than Go, Tracy, Go on her blog. For me, I like them because they don't ride up in the hooha area and hide the crotch sweat and/or swamp ass while out on a long run. As an added bonus you get a nice breeze up in the lady parts area. Winner!

I really don't give two shits about what I look like or if I am wearing a matching assemble on my run. My running "outfits" consists of only a select few items that I wear over and over again. If I happen to look *gasp* cute wearing one of my running skirts, then wooo-fucking-hooo. Although unintentional, I am happy someone thought I looked cute because I guarantee you that I am not feeling cute. But don't mistake me for not being a real runner. My swamp ass can prove it.

If you are against wearing a running skirt because you don't want to look cute (or they are too cutesy) or don't want people to think of you as a real runner then why are you running? Is what people are wearing really that important or is the attitude that pisses people off?

The latter, I get.

Listen, I've snarked on people for looking like they have just jumped off of a "Women's Running" magazine or on people who wear full make-up to a race, but here is the thing. If that is what makes them feel comfortable or confident in order to have a great race, then I need to shut the hell up. Face it. Running is a vanity sport. People want to feel good about themselves and we all display it in different ways. It is the attitude that separates the runners from the wanna-be's. Not the skirts.

People that don't put the work in, but strut around like a pretty little peacock and try not to break a sweat so their make-up doesn't run are the ones that need to have their asses kicked. But don't get them mixed up with the ones that are putting the time and effort in and just look fucking good doing it -- skirt or no skirt.

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Katy the Greaty said...

I love running and walking in skirts. I hate having the shorts ride up. I love that the skirt hides the tush. pretty has nothing to do with it. field hockey. do they do that for cutesy?

Do female CEOs etc wear high heels to be cute and show off their calves or is it just their choice. Thought so.