Saturday, May 21, 2011

Swimming, Running, Oh My!

There is so much I want to write about that I don't know where or what to start with first.


Last week coach moved me over to the intermediate side of the pool. Although I was happy to be recognized for improvement, I was instantaneously nauseous. I do NOT like being singled out and/or being noticed. I'd rather fade and blend into the background like the good wallflower catholic girl I am. People *think* I am an extrovert and outgoing, but the truth is I feel extremely awkward around people I don't know and have a tendency (a lot) to be overly friendly. Yes. I am that weirdo.

At the end of the practice he had us do speed intervals. MAJOR suckage. As I do with running, I started out WAY to fast. You get to rest for 15 seconds, then go again. By the third repeat my heart was beating so hard my eyeballs were pulsing and I do believe a lung was near rupture. I stopped. And I heard about it. Next little speech to the group was "don't quit" Yeah, well, when you feel like you are about to spontaneously combust then I think it is time to take a break! Shit. Even the woman next to me asked if I wanted to use her inhaler.

Brick Workout

Did my brick workout with the tri club on Wednesday. Oh, the drama. I love reading a smackdown (especially when it doesn't involve me). The brick is to run 2 miles - bike 8 or 12 and then run 2-3 miles. The problem that caused all the drama and aforementioned smackdown was headphones.

Headphones are such a hot topic in the running world, but I didn't think would be an issue in cycling. Oh. How wrong. The shitfit was about a woman wearing headphones WHILE ON THE BIKE. I remember seeing her because I was behind her on the bike. I remember thinking, why the hell is she wearing headphones. BAD, BAD, BAD idea. I was so distracted that I didn't notice she wasn't wearing a HELMET either. Hence. DOUBLE shitfit.

BTW - it was extremely windy that night. There were times were I felt like a hamster on wheel. My legs were spinning, but I sure and the hell weren't going anywhere.


The class I am teaching is going well. We did 5/3 (run 5, walk 3) and everyone did awesome. I have a guy in my class that is doing extremely well. He is a big guy and when I was running with him he said "I HATE running" And he meant it. How do you respond?! I tried to be encouraging and told him how great he was doing and that after all this hard work that he sticks with it. Why do all the work if you aren't going to stick with it?

I am going to be honest. I don't love running. Wish I did. There are runs that are enjoyable. But overall it isn't something I would say I love to do. What I do love is what running gives me. The ability to eat crap (in moderation, of course) and fitness. It feels good to feel good for me. Running to me isn't how fast, how long, how often I can run. It is about taking care of the one and only body I will have in this lifetime.

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