Friday, May 13, 2011

Silly Me.

Holy kick in the pants, Batman. This week I dove head first into my training. Manged to do a workout everyday and I am officially cooked. It is so funny how I fooled myself into thinking I have maintained fitness over my sluggish, wah, wah, whiney ass, poor me it is winter. I *thought* I could jump right back into the swing of things and be ahead of the game.

I. Am. An. Asshole.

Now, I will admit I do have some residual running fitness -- one good thing that comes from running a freaking marathon. However, when it comes to the bike and swim, I am like a infant. A legless and armless infant. A stump on a bike. A blob in the water. How is it that I can run 26.2 miles, but swimming 400 yards wipes my ass out! And I don't even want to go into the cycling. One would think that being a runner, I would have the quad strength to be awesome on the bike. WRONG. I went out on a ride and people were flying by me like I am riding a fucking tricycle with training wheels. Sigh.

So now I am pissed. And when I am pissed I am motivated. Today I received my training program from Hypercat Racing and I am pumped. It is extremely detailed and it is just what I needed. Structure.

The light bulb has gone off in my head this year that if I don't have structure my motivation goes right out the window. In the past couple weeks the variety of workouts for a Tri is challenging and I am not getting bored. SCORE. But I do know I have to be careful not to get overwhelmed. When that happens I go to the other extreme. I just say fuck it and not do anything. My goal is to maintain the balance and give myself credit for each workout I DO and not beat myself up on the ones I miss.

Goal: Complete the workouts. Don't stress out about the workouts. Get stronger. Kick some ass.


Ms. Duffy said...

Exactly! I did the same thing, thinking I would be all awesome on the bike and all, but no, I have weak quads and ginormous hamstrings, which don't really help much on a bike. Who knew? And swimming 400 yards, at first, was wicked hard. But just like running, it's starting to get better (actually... shhh, cause it's secret... I might like the other things better than running now.) OH and rogue party favors from your last post? Dear god. Classic.

T said...

If it makes you feel better, I tried to ride my (commuter) bike for the first time yesterday in over a year and a THREE MILE ride nearly wiped me out. Three miles. You triathletes are rock stars.

4crazygreys said...

Ms. Duffy, I think I am leaning that way myself. It is nice to add some variety to the routine.

4crazygreys said...

"T" It does makes me feel better! I am so glad I am not the only one!! It still shocks me that runners have a tough time with biking!