Monday, May 30, 2011

All Hell Breaking Loose

This weekend I went out of town for a bridal shower and hubby stayed home with the pups. It turned out to be two days of complete hell and horror for the husband. I, on the other hand, had a grand time.

It started on Saturday night when Lily our recent addition and John got into a fight over a smidgen of bbq on the chair. Lily is only 2 yrs old and John is 12 and has spinal issues. Lily manged to jerk John's neck to the side and down he went. Husband said it was horrific because John was on his side crying and shaking like he was having seizure. What I think happened was he pinched a nerve and was having spasm as a result. It was off to the emergency vet.

Hubby arrives at the ER VET and there is a TWO HOUR WAIT. Since John is able to walk he takes him home and gave him prednisone that we have used before for his back. Thankfully, today, after complete rest and the pred, he has improved, but still walking very weird. He will need to get to the vet to get checked out.

Okay, as if this isn't bad enough. Hubby is literally freaked out and beyond stressed because it was such a bad scene. He is constantly worried about John and is distracted. Because of this...

Nightmare #2 begins.

He is taking our other older grey, Rimmy, out for a short walk and was so distracted with worry about John, he left the front door open a few seconds to long. Sophie squirted out. Then John. Both dogs are out and across the street in a blink of an eye. With their muzzles on. If anyone with greyhound's know this is an owners worst nightmare.

Thanks be to all that is holy they stopped in the neighbors yard. The neighbor was home and helped the husband corral everyone. After everyone was safe my poor husband proceeded to have a mini mental breakdown and a very large drink.

So much for a relaxing weekend.

Please send healing thoughts to my boy, John.


Mad Red Hare said...

OH crap! I have witnessed firsthand a fight between 2 greys. It was horrific. I am scarred for life. Then the dogs escaping. YIKES!!! That is just as scary. Sounds like things turned out pretty well under the circumstances.

Bridget said...

It is absolutely terrifying on both counts. Hubby is still pretty shaken up by the whole weekend as well as me!