Friday, April 22, 2011

Swift Kick in the Ass

I have a feeling that in my very near future, I am going to get my ass kicked. Hard.

Tomorrow morning is the first day of the swim clinic I have signed up for in order to get ready for the IronGirl in August. It has been about 7 years since my last sprint tri and about that long since I've been in the pool. I am so screwed.

The clinic is being conducted by a local college swim coach. The email I've received today contained the words "plan on videotaping." I am sorry. What? Video? The thought of me standing in my swimsuit in front of 13 strangers is giving me panic attacks (seriously, you might as well be naked) and then I find out there will be a video! Xanax may be needed or a shot of tequila. All I have to say is if anyone asks me when I am due, I am taking them out.

My M.O. is to totally slack off in the winter months and then hit the training hard in May. This year is no exception. I have a 10 mile kick in the crotch race on May 1st. That should be the name of the race instead of the Mountain Goat. Kick In The Crotch is a much more accurate description of the course. Then the IronGirl Tri in August, followed by a marathon in October.

Let the ass kicking begin.

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