Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Still have not closed on the new house. Was supposed to close LAST week. Seriously considering wearing a t-shirt to the closing that reads "just do your job."

We've been living out of boxes for awhile and quite frankly, it sucks. No one should have to go down to the family room to get their underwear. It is just wrong.

The good news - our current house looks fantastic. Everything has been painted, bathroom updated and once we get out there the new carpet installed and all hardwoods refinished. We hope all this work will pay off with a quick sale! Woot Woot!!

Work has been insane because of the end of year student panic. I've been in resume/letter critiquing hell and can't WAIT for summer. There are days that I feel like a robot repeating the same thing over and over and over and over and over and over again.

Running. Non-existent. I am running once a week and that MUST change. However, I did run
a race a few weeks ago and actually got a PR. How the FU*K did that happen?! Anyway, I am going to start with the Mt. Goat Training runs this Saturday to hopefully light up fire up under my fat, drooping ass.

That is all the poop to scoop...which is another subject! Hello Spring...Hello poop.