Sunday, July 25, 2010

Proud as a Peacock!

Saturday was the big day for the group of runner's I've been coaching for the last 12 weeks. It was their first 5k. Most have never run before...ever.

The day was humid as all hell. All week the news was covering how oppressive the heat and humidity was going to be on Saturday. And for once, the news was right. CRAP!

Woke up that morning and it was horrible. It was 70 degrees with 90+ percent humidity. My first thought was please, please don't let anyone go down. Let them finish this race that they have worked so hard for.

The group arrives at the race and everyone was so excited. One of my runners was literally vibrating with excitement. Before the race I gave everyone a stern warning of NOT going out fast because this was a day to just finish, not break any records. The weather conditions were not in the cards to really haul ass. Especially for their first race.

Everyone was running strong. Then. The inexcusable happened. NO WATER. Yep. The race ran out of motherfucking water on one of the worst humidity day of the motherfucking year. I cannot tell you how pissed and still pissed I am about this. This was not a HUGE 5k. There were stores everywhere to get water. The 1st stop had plenty of water. How was there no water at the 2nd stop. In-motherfucking-excusable.

I was running with two of the slower runners and they were struggling because of the heat/humidity. They needed water and there was none. Seriously. I was panicking because nothing is more important to me than the safety of my runners. We see a gentleman and his wife sitting in the back of their truck watching the race and they had 4 glorious bottles of water. I happened to mention that I was seriously considering mugging him for a bottle. He then offered us one and my faith in humanity was restored...for a second. I told him he possibly saved a life.

We rounded the end and took off for the finish. She finished strong and I went back for the last runner of the group. She also finished strong. Everyone finished and ran so well in such shitty weather, that I am just in awe of all of them.

The best...the BEST...was when Kitty, age 66, took 1st in her age group. The screaming and cheering that erupted when we heard her name was like something from a Justin Biber (oh whatever the hell his name is) concert. She had tears in her eyes. We all had tears in our eyes. Shit. I am freaking tearing up right now! In the car, on the ride home, Kitty was sitting in the front and quietly said to me "I have the fever."

That's my girl. And she is going to kick my ass in a 5k one day. I can't wait.

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