Saturday, July 31, 2010

How I love me some Gatorade

It is actually cool this morning for my long run! Like 55 degree's cool. Oh man, it is going to be great. Well, the weather, the run may suck. Isn't it weird how you can wake up feeling good and *think* you are going to have a good run, but once out there everything goes to hell. Running can really fu*k with your head.

Last weekend, ran 2:45 hours with a friend and we covered 16 miles. Humid as hell, like wring your socks out from the sweat, humid. The weekend before, we ran 2:45 hours and covered 15 miles. Shitty...shitty...shitty run. The difference was that last weekend we didn't have the sun beating down on us so it wasn't as hot as the weekend before. It was the heat that got to me, but I think the biggest difference between the two is I wasn't a dumb ass and brought Gatorade with me this past weekend. Oh what a difference Gatorade makes.

Happy trails!

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