Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Beat Up!

Long run this past Saturday was brutal. One of those runs where you think of seriously throwing yourself in front of a car so you can be put out of your misery.

The run started out okay. Felt good, was running with two of my girlfriends that I haven't seen for awhile so we were chatting away until mile 7 and then silence. Why? THE MOTHERFU*KING HEAT. I am telling you, this summer is killing me. Just killing me. Plus, the route we took was not a good one (okay, it sucked monkey balls) to run in the summer. It really is a route to save for Fall/Winter running. Most of the 15 miles was not shaded, on asphalt with a lot of traffic. Mix that in with a cloudless, sunny, humid day and it equals one shitty run.

When we hit the 5 mile stretch in front of the State Fairgrounds and that is when the wheels began to fall off. It. Was. So. Hot. And it was humiliating because not only was I crumbling, I had an audience. Last weekend was the big "car show" at the State Fair. A huge line of traffic waiting to get in the Fairgrounds. Nice. I felt like a bad opening act. Look honey, while we sit here at the light lets watch this lady over there do an impression of the Humpback of Notre Dame. Oh, she is running? Really? Okay.

FINALLY we get past the Fairgrounds and I see a convenience store ahead. I had to stop and get water because I was out. Only had two bottles on my belt with only water. Add this to the stupid shit I did that day. Standing outside I noticed the ice cooler. You know the ones where you can get bags of ice? Then it struck me. I am not joking when I say I crawled in the cooler, only thing sticking out were my feet, to get my body temp down. It felt glorious. I highly recommend it to anyone about ready to have a heat stroke.

At this point we only (ONLY - HA) have 3 miles to go. I walk my ass up the hill and we are at the bridge to cross back in the park to glorious, glorious, shade. My last three miles were at a 12.12 pace. Made it back to the start and in-between gulps of water, swore to never run that route again in the summer. EVER.

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